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Theoretical Aspects of Diversification
A case study of Virgin Company on diversification of its products
Many successful companies in the world today has employed the art of diversification so for various reasons. Some want to increase their sales, others to counter the completion in the market while others want to stay relevant in the market (Dess, & Lumpkin, 2005). A splendid example is the Virgin group. This report incorporates strategy and rationale it uses about diversification, identifying the relationship of strategic nature in the Virgin Empire.  In the report, the value adding quantities will be tabled where the main issues that Virgin face will also be discussed and the solutions recommended in that order.
A brief history of the company
Virgin company is a limited group centrally located in the UK and acts as a holding company. It does similar services as the Berkshire that is in the US; yet it was incorporated by Branson in early 1990s. The blend has down to earth involvement in the travel and media outlets, yet has expanded into 200 one of a kind associations stretching out from the overseeing of accounts to an alcoholic as well as the beverages that are carbonated (Aaker, 2008). By securing nearly nothing, regional airplanes Virgin America must augment its district of extension on family flights into and out of certain urban zones.
Company’s strategic assessment
More than two hundred Virgin organizations work together, with the vast majority of the operations led through different organizations inside the gathering; making that joined impact. Regardless of the way that there is no general single parent organization for the whole meeting, there exist a few organizations inside Virgin whose capacities are fundamentally to claim and oversee other working firms inside the gathering; which without a doubt makes the coveted cooperative energies of working and helping each other (Smith, & Triantis, 2015). Of all these more than 200 Virgin organizations, dominant part are working groups who possess resources and offer products and enterprises, the staying few are holding teams. For instance Virgin Galactic.
The business system that is utilized by Virgin Galactic is the utilization of its economies of scale to cut on the cost of amassing its spaceships. The corporate technique by the firm is the understanding that it can have the capacity to make space tourism and range through which they can have the ability to make benefits before the contenders have understood the progression that is included (Kaiser, & Stouraitis, 2011). This is a model the organization has utilized as a part of a request to diminish the cost that it goes along to its customers. Right now the firm is charging $240,000 per individual for space travels, and this figure is required to run down with the company adjusting its key fit (Poladian, 2014).
The Firm
The vital components of the company that was dissected for Virgin Galactic are the objectives, the assets and the structure of the business. The primary goal of the firm is to consume individuals to room as well as to interface space to the earth (Piercy, & Cravens, 1995). It demonstrates that the objective of the firm is to make space go as available as different types of going on the planet. The assets of the business are equipped for meeting the above objectives in light of the way that innovative assets and HR work couple to meet the target. As a firm, Virgin Galactic has the capacity of using broad scale get together to cut the cost of gathering and access to airspace. This meets the system of the firm to take pieces of the overall industry from the contenders, for example, Space Adventures, Ltd., SpaceX, and XCOR Space Expeditions through offering low costs (Poladian, 2014).
There are no sheets of chiefs for Virgin Group, and necessary fundamental leadership is exclusively the duty of Branson with a couple of beat administration administrators. The upper hand that Virgin Galactic it can bring down airspace set out the cost to its clients than a considerable lot of its rivals. This is because of the company’s capacity to cut operation cost and the Virgins Groups capacity to permit this firm to work autonomously from the organization. The sorts of management framework offer short lines of correspondence and incite reaction to pressing issues; rather than the bureaucratic procedure of sitting tight for endorsements and responses. This is characterized entirely by Branson’s very own qualities and administration style.
Why the company decides to do diversification and benefits
First, it is important to get the real meaning of diversification before looking at how Virgin group diversified. It is a form of corporate strategy for a company. The main aim of virgin diversification was to develop a wider range of products, its markets, investments, and business and much more with a sole purpose of reducing risk and increasing success (Grant, Pettigrew, Thomas, & Whittington, 2012). Virgin group has done well in perceiving pomposity and scores of enormous worth in different markets.
The company’s diversification was also geared towards achieving more economies of scale as well as scope to obtain the power in the market. The figure below is an illustration of the manner into which the Virgin group has diversified.
How Virgin group expands and Products being diversified
Virgin group extends through housing over 200 companies under it with a broad range of products from the Bridal Stores of Virgin all the way to Virgin Airlines. The driving force behind this achievement can only be attributed to the owner of Virgin, Sir Richard. Apart from utilizing his inborn talent in this business, he has considered it wisdom to collect people with similar skills and incorporate them into the company. Reports say that Richards decided to have full control of the business by looking at each and every aspect of the firm before giving the green light or assigning someone to handle.
The fate of space tourism has gone under incredible investigation after aircraft tester Asbury passed on in a mischance. This will have an extraordinary effect with regards to the productivity of the firm Virgin Galactic (Riley, Charron, Idnurm, Farinelli, Dalpé, Martin, & Corradi, 2014). The business benefit potential is high because of the way that space sightseers and lover will at present increment in numbers as the year passes by. Changes in the economy ought to likewise be considered as a variable that will guarantee that the business keeps on increasing enormous benefits. The typical purchaser who can manage the cost of such a trek to space will keep on growing, as intrigue stays high (McLean, & Blackie, 2002).
Whichever is the precise position of the gathering’s budgetary structure, the cooperative energies made by a method for joined impacts by these organizations are the appealing measurements for this examination (Davies, 2004)? The primary concern here is that these groups are not open, but rather exclusive and financed by incoming money streams and value. Others are funded through joint wander assertions or outside obligation. As indicated by Branson, each of his organizations is supported independently and separately on an independent premise. The thought is to sustain the organizations to remain on their two feet and contend positively among themselves as well as other people in their lines of business.
The full-scale condition of the firm is very high for the organization. The principle concern is the social situation where individuals are worried about the ecological impact of business space travel. The mechanical condition favors Virgin Galactic since they have created spaceships that can move encourage in height than typical ships that have been made by its rivals, for example, XCOR Space Expeditions. (Hitt, Ahlstrom, Dacin, Levitas, & Svobodina, 2004).  The financial condition is active for the organization because of the way that there is an extensive shopper base for space travel. The organization will have the capacity to pick up from the inexorably enhancing progressions in financial and innovative conditions in the United States. The regulatory issues that have been related with the mischances that included the test spaceship have not decidedly supported the organization meets its transient objectives, and the media has been profoundly diving into this issue. (Glueck, 2010).
All business inside the Virgin Empire as said in the Corporate Rationale section yielded without a moment’s hesitation advantages to increment whole deal advancement and used a self-decision business level first administration procedure. Boss is permitted to settle on decisions self-ruling for improvement and feel an equivalent degree of ownership and qualities that whatever another director in the Virgin social affair would feel.
Organizations were ‘ring-fenced’ with the goal that benefits couldn’t be exchanged between agencies in the Virgin Group, and if a team turned out to be too expensive, another organization would be spun off, in its place. In other words, he took it all upon himself and thought it wise for him to work to see diversification became successful (Power, & Hauge, 2008).  As a result of investing in diversification under a common brand, the Virgin Group has gotten much acclaim. The “Virgin” check, perceived as an acclaimed brand, was distinguished as right on time as 1992 as one of the “world’s most noteworthy brands,” since it was “built up as a comprehensively based diversion and travel mark with a tried and true yet in any case to some degree “fun” and flippant image.
Strategic Issues and Policy Recommendations for the company “Virgin”
On Virgin Galactic, the firm ought to exploit the way that there are some space aficionados who are ready and willing to pay to go to space. Deliberately, Virgin Galactic ought to need to do two things to guarantee that the organization is a pioneer in the business; administration ought to guarantee that they expand on their quality, which is essentially the way that they have predominant innovation; furthermore they should ensure that they dispel any confusion air looking into it of the mishap that prompted to the demise of one of their space team skippers (Amsden,., & Hikino, 2014). For Virgin to survive Branson, he ought to organize immediately a brought together and orderly administration structure that is all inclusive for each CEO; without which his nonappearance may just get to be a fiasco for Virgin Group. He ought to likewise be ready and to be sure arranged to surrender full working control of his endeavor and unite both physical and fluid ventures. I would also prescribe a more organized and incorporated financial bookkeeping framework for the gathering.
Branson has without a doubt taken the name “Virgin” to a fortunate stature. Many see the structure and administration style of his business domain as being foolhardy, yet Branson has reliably demonstrated to his pundits that he and his gathering have the fortitude, and would keep on dominating the global market space!
Virgin has no choice other than try and implements less diversity to which will help it regarding management as well as risk reduction (Hennart, & Park, 2013). With less diversity, the company can be able to monitor all the activities of other small businesses as they happen. Reducing diversity will also make it easy for the company to remain focused on a specified line of production hence improved the quality of their products and services.
Every branch ought to assist in acquiring its exclusive line of annual record keeping for all Virgin Group organizations to be harmonized. This should help towards giving a better outward image on management
Diversification of Virgin group has turned the company into a global giant in the several services it offers. In this case, it can even be more successful if the brand name is changed to overcome entry barred. Also, the company can also do well if it mitigates the risk of joint ventures. If it follows these issues and the recommendations above to the letter, better results and a sustainable solution for this company will be witnessed.
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