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A comparative Book Review Harp of Burma verses in the realm of dying emperor

Harp of Burma verses in the realm of dying emperor.
The Harp of Burma by Michio Takeya is a novel that focuses the experience of Japanese soldiers during the Second World War. Whereby, soldiers come up with a company and trained themselves on how to sing basing their experience on the Second World War (Takeyama, P. 36). The act of singing while basing the message of their songs on their experience during the time of the war in Burma made them to emerge very famous among the Japanese Soldiers. Additionally the soldiers trained themselves on how make music instruments and used those instruments to make there music more fascinating (Takeyama, Michio and Richard, P.66). On the contrary, the realm of dying emperor is an insightful book written by a Japanese scholar who tends to reveal the tribulations that Japanese people were undergoing during the realm of Emperor Hirohito. The book focuses on the past Japanese relation ship during the times of Emperor Hirohito who died in 1989. This book tends to reveal the hidden tribulations that were hidden during Hirohito regime. For example, the book reveals how the owner of a supermarket put the National flag into fire. The book further reveals how the mayor of Nagasaki risked his dear life by revealing how Emperor Hirohito contributed to the emergence of the Second World War (Field, P. 68). The herein, case reveals the dissatisfactions of the citizens during the reign of Emperor Hirohito. The novel further reveals about a news paper that published misleading information to the members of the on how effective Emperor Hirohito ruled Japan while. The misleading information in the news paper was aimed at preventing exposing Japan to the acts of terrorism attacks (Field, P. 68). The review therefore, focuses on the comparison between the Harp of Burma verses in the realm of dying emperor as well as the contrast between the two books.
Comparison between Harp of Burma verses in the realm of dying emperor
The two books mainly talk of the Second World War and the impact of this war in Japan. The book tries to explain the mode of leadership Japan during the Second World War. The book in the realm of dying emperor tries to put forth the significance of death of Emperor Hirohito who died of cancer. The book is written by Norma Field who is a professor of East Asian languages and civilization at the University of Chicago. The author show how the importance death of Emperor Hirohito to the coesivieve consensus in Japanese history as well as the importance of his presence prior and after the Second World War (Field, P. 68).The intended audience for this book is the people who have the interest of knowing the state of condition in Japan during and after the Second World War. The book further provides significant bases for students who want to know the history of Japan during the Second World War. The book in the Realm of dying emperor discusses the tension that was being experienced in Japan during the Second World War. In this book, Norman fields use some case examples to substantiate his arguments on the strict emperor leadership (Field, P. 110). Fields used the case of a supermarket owner called Chibana Shoichi who put the Japanese national flag into fire. Fields used this case to show the dissatisfactions and frustrations of the Japanese citizens by the emperor leadership.Connectivly, Norman Fields used the case of a Nakaya Yasuko who was against her husband recruitment into the Japanese Self defense force. It was believed that when a soldier dies he become a defensing sprit that defended the empire. Fields used this case to demonstrate the how the Japanese leadership violated personal wishes as well as the constitution by failing to separate the religion and the state rules(Field, P. 122). Norman fields in his book used the case of   a mayor of Nagasaki called Motorhome Hitoshi who tried to explain to the members of the public how Emperor Hirohito contributed to the Second World War. Motorhome was highly condemned and almost killed by the Japanese officials for mentioning that emperor Hirohito was involved in the emergence of the Second World War. Norman Fields used this book to demonstrate how citizen were denied freedom of expression (Field, P. 271). On the contrary, on the Harp of Burma Machio Takeyama try to show the state of condition during the Second World War. The book tries to show that, Japanese soldiers are people like any other person and they have feeling. The book try to show how the Japanese soldiers valued peace to the extent of starting to make music instruments and used those instruments when singing there songs communicating their experience during the second world war(Takeyama, P. 126). At the quell of Second World War, the book tries to explain how corporal Mizushima tried to persuade the Japanese unit to surrender to British forces during the war. This happens after Corporal Mizushima realized that one of his soldiers who they considered as a symbol for good luck was missing. The missing of this solder gave corporate Mizushima soldiers a great understanding of the meaning of faithfulness during the time of war. The books explain how the Japanese soldiers perished under the hands of British soldiers (Takeyama, Michio and Richard, P.112). The book further explore a sequence of scenes on the experience of Japanese solders during the quell of the war. The books express how the Japanese solders composed the songs to boast their morale. The book employs a number of well organized and distinguished characters who try to bring forth how people behave when their country is undergoing through the tension of being completely destroyed. The book continues to explore and ask questions on whether human beings can terminate the lives of their fellow human beings once their humanity is being disclosed. .Additionally the book asks questions on whether the war is inherent to materialistic nation (Takeyama, Michio and Richard, P. 97). Initially, the Japanese scholar who wrote this book in Germany literature his intended audiences were originally children. The book further explains the remorseful feeling of the scholar who sent students to battle field in Burma and China. During the quell of the Second World War, the students were reported to have perished after being invaded in the war without any protest from the students (Takeyama, P. 112). The book was written after the Second World War was over. The intended audiences were high school students who were to be given the hope of reconstructing the destroyed Japanese empire under the leadership of emperor Mizushima. The book may be used as part of study in some causes in the university and colledges.The book further explains how the Japanese soldiers had a great desire of going back to their homes to meet their people (Takeyama, Michio and Richard, P. 114).
Contrast between Harp of Burma and in the realm of dying emperor
Despite the two books having a correlation, the two books may be contrasted based on their content, authors, and their prices in the market among other discrepancies. Harp of Burma is a book written by Michio Tekeyama and was published by Tuttle publishers in 1993, the book focuses on the state of affaires in japan prior and after the Second World War(Takeyama, Michio and Richard, P.6). The book focuses on the plight of solders and how they were brutally killed by British solders in Burma. On the contrary, in the realm of dying emperor is a book written by Norman fields and was published by Vintage press, and later was translated in 2001 by Howard Hibbert. The book focuses on the state of condition prior and after the Second World War (Field, P. 22). The book explains the kind of tension the Japanese people were under going through under the learship of Emperor Hirohito. During the war, soldiers were recruited into military even without their consent. The book further reveals the plight of citizens in Japan and how were mistreated by the government officials when they tried to air their grievances (Field, P. 110). There are cases where people were subjected to harassment and torture like the case of mayor. The content of the two books provide a significant contrast between the two books. The Harp of Burma also differs with the book In the realm of dying emperor in the sense that, the book serves two purposes. The purpose of dialogue between the Japanese military leader captain Mizushuima who tried to convince his solders not to continue with the war and go back to home. The solder respond to him by arguing that, going back to whom will be like betrayal to other solders who had already dead in the war. In the dialogue, the solders strongly assert that, they better perish in Burma like heroes rather than surrendering to the British solders (Field, P. 121). However, through this Dialogue captain Mizushuima was able to convince the solders to surrender. The books also serve the purpose of monologue whereby, Mizushuima is talking to himself herby, he is saying that he can not conceptualize the meaning of suffering. He took the bodies of the died solders and berried them and later he converted to a Buddhists priest (Field, P. 124). On the Contrary, the book In Realm of dying emperor serves the purpose of how importance the death of Hirohito was to the people of Japan. This is because people were not happy with his leadership since people were forcefully recruited into the millitally and were subjected to harassment by his government officials. His death signifies a positive transformation of the ruined economy (Takeyama, P. 114). It was anticipated that, the people will enjoy freedom under the new leadership which was anticipated to follow. Additionally, the two books differ in terms of their market prices. It can be observed that, the price of the book, Harp of Burma is currently costing, eleven dollars and forty seven cents. On the other, hand the book In the realm of dying emperor is costing twelve dollars and forty eight cents. These indicate that, the book in realm of dying emperor is cost more than the Harp of Burma with a difference of one dollar and zero point one cents. The book also differ in terms of volume In the realm of dying emperor, 2001 contain 372 pages and is divided into sections. The sections discuss the kind of tribulations that the citizens of Japan were undergoing through under the leadership of Emperor Hirohito and his government officials (Field, P. 112). On the other hand, the Harp of Burma contains 132 pages and is divided into sections that provide the readers with vital information for understanding the kind brutality the Japanese solders were undergoing through under the British soldiers. At the quell of the Second World War corporal Mizushima is trying to convince his solders to surrender to the British solders but the soldiers were unwilling to accept(Takeyama, P. 128). .
The review of the two books provide a sufficient background for understanding the state of condition in Japan prior to the world war and even during and after the Second World War. Through the entire review, it can be observe that, there is a significant correlation on the contents of the two books. On the bases of the herein review, it can be scrutinized the kind of tribulations that the Japanese solders were undergoing through during the Second World War. Japanese solders were brutally murdered by the British soldiers in Burma and China (Takeyama, P. 116). Even after being murdered, the soldiers continued with the war, they even compose some war songs that boasted their morale (Takeyama, P. 36). Norman fields in his book in the realm of dying emperor provided some solid evidence to substantiate his assertions on the kind of dissatisfactions and frustrations the Japanese citizens were undergoing through during Emperor Hirohito regime (Field, P. 114). On the contrary, Machio Tekeya in the book Harp of Burma tries to express how the Japanese soldiers turn to be piece loving people after the war in Burma. The book further shows how the remnant soldiers were fascinated to go back homes to meet there people. Therefore, the two books remain important even today.

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