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A Family Perishes In A Road Accident at the Cemetery

Five family members lost their lives in road accident that involved a personal car and a truck. The accident happened yesterday in the afternoon at the highway next to the cemetery. The family members included both parents and their children were travelling home in their home in Majuro in their Toyota pick-up. The family had gone out for shopping and was returning home when the accident happened. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the Toyota pick-up who was later identified as Mr. John Smith lost control and ran into the truck which was heading in the opposite direction. This accident shocked many people who witnessed it leaving most of them speechless.
The only person who survived the accident though with minor injuries was Mr. Lewis Kiilu, the driver of the truck. We managed to talk to the driver of the truck after he had recovered from shock. He said that he tried to turn the truck off the road but it was too late as the driver of the pickup which was moving at a high speed had totally lost control. He said “The accident was unavoidable”. He further added that he had tried his best to avoid the accident but hid efforts could not bear fruits. The truck belonged to Pacific Earthmoving Incorporated and was carrying the bulldozer back to the garage for maintenance.
The police and ambulance services arrived shortly after the accident after being called by the people who witnessed the accident. The ambulance services helped in pulling those who had died out of the car which had been totally wrecked and rushed the only surviving child in the pick-up to hospital. The child was later pronounced dead shortly after arriving to the hospital.
The accident shocked many passersby. According to one eyewitness who identified himself as James, the car ran directly into the truck despite the efforts of the truck driver to swerve the truck away from the pick-up. Mr. Smith and his wife identified as Laura lost their life on the spot as they were in front of the pick-up. One eye witness said ‘’ the impact of the accident was too hard for the pickup to resist”. The truck was loaded. The head of the pick-up totally crashed. The other two children who were identified later as Rachel and Paul died a few minutes while the other child – Miriam who has sustained serious injuries died as she was undergoing treatment in the Hospital.
The police conducted their tests to ascertain the cause of the accident and the defaulter. They concluded that the driver of truck was innocent and that the accident had been caused by the driver of the pick-up. The police also managed to speak to the driver of the truck and assured him of his innocence. The bus driver was later taken to the hospital for a check-up and for the treatment of the minor bruises that had been caused by the accident. The pick up and the truck which had only suffered minor damage were towed to the police station.
The police superintendent who later visited the scene expressed his sorrow over the passing away of the entire family. He cautioned motorists to be more careful while driving as this would help eliminate such fatal accidents.

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