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A stasis on Philosophy in business world

Is the issue of ethics that important in the business world?
In the business world, there has been a recent spate of events with the question of the ethical issue taking center stage. This issue has taken a particular urgency with the sudden increase in scrutiny of companies on matters of ethics. This has been on such issues as governance matters and the issue of environment. This issue of ethical problem is something that is taking the current business world by storm (Fombrun and Foss 286).
Major business shareholders do not regard this as a major issue. To most business stakeholders, they will regard a business as successful when the business if generating enough returns to its shareholders. This is mostly in complete disregard of major ethical issues. Such like issues may include well being of the business’ stakeholders among the being the workers, the environmental issue among other important factors. If we consider a business’ responsibility being only to the shareholders, then it will mean that the workers will only be used as a means to an end in the business.
What is the nature of these ethical issues?
Ethical issues in the world of business raise a major point of concern in the current business world. To some business shareholders, this is an issue that is natural. They regard this issue as one that has to occur. They thus argue that this issue has, if any, no major impacts to their businesses. Ethical issues are mostly social problems. This because they mainly deal with issues of environmental pollution, workers’ well being among other social issues. The problem issue mainly here is that this issue is mainly taken lightly by most people in the corporate world. Most business stakeholders do not consider this issue seriously as they do not see it as having any serious implications to their business enterprises.
Ethical issues belong to the socially related issues to the business. They are more of non business related issues in the organization. Even though, social issues play a very important role in the organization as they contributed heavily to the business’ orderly and well being. Ethical issues are among the extra curricula activities in the organization. They relate well with the business’ core activities in that it is through this activities that the organization is put in order.
What is the quality of ethical issues in business administration?
The issue of ethical problem in business administration is not good. It is very unethical for any business to act in complete disregard of other individuals’ well being for the interest of stakeholders only. All people are equal regardless of their position in the organization. It is therefore very important that every individuals’ rights be carefully considered and that.
This problem of ethical issues is very serious in the business world today. This is mostly as a result of the growing business world. The growing human workforce that is qualified to work in the various vacancies available in the corporate world is a major issue as this has resulted to a sharp decline in taking care of taking care of the well being of the workforce.
Ethical issues affect mainly stakeholders in the form of workers in an organization. In most cases, you will find that the business management disregards taking any considerations on the issue of well being of the workers. This happens in the form of poor working conditions for the workers, poor pay or even lack of proper incitement that would boost the workers’ morale in performing their duties. Ethical issues in terms of environmental degradation will affect those people who surround the business premises. Such issues as air pollution or poor waste disposal may have hazardous and far reaching consequences on the health of those individuals who border the premises.
Proper action measures need to be taken in curbing and controlling these issues of ethical problem. If this is not done, then the consequences may prove hazardous and far reaching to those who are affected. For the case of environmental pollution for example, the health problems that may come along such actions may be very serious to the victims. It may cause infections that if not well attended to might even result deaths of humans and animals. Issues of workers well being might result in low morale for the workers and this might result in poor service delivery. For proper dealing with the issue, it might involve some financial part in the beginning for dealing with environmental pollution issue. This might well reduce with time.
What actions should be taken?
Proper action needs to be taken to properly deal with this issue. All the stakeholders involved need to device proper action policy that has to be taken to deal with this issue. This should be done through careful considerations by involving all stakeholders involved in the same. Humanitarian rights groups need to be involved in pushing for proper action measures in dealing well with this problem. The government as well through its various ministries need to take part in coming up with a solution for the same. All stakeholders in general have to be considered in devising a solution for the same.
To curb this problem, the business enterprise involved needs to come up with necessary measures and policy. These policies should be aimed at effectively dealing with the problem at hand coming up with appropriate measures through which these issues will be handled. Ethical issues in business environment are not something that happens naturally. This is an issue that occurs as a result of individuals’ action. This therefore means that this issue is something can be properly be put in place through if necessary cause of action is taken.
Proper standards have to be put in place to guide business organizations on proper conduct with regards to taking care of their workers’ needs and as well as preserving the environment. These standards will come into place through government’s legislations. Workers also might as well form a union that they will use for championing their right through one common voice.
Workers might fear of taking actions against the business stakeholders for fear of losing their jobs. They might have the fear of suing their bosses in courts of law for abusing their rights as a result. For the case of environmental degradation, those who are affected may fear taking action against business enterprises for fear of losing their case. This will be due to their belief that’s those people have financial advantages against them.
In conclusion, we can see that ethical issue is a major problem in today’s corporate world. This issue is something that can be dealt with accordingly. All the shareholders involved should therefore seat together and come up with an amicable solution for the same. This will as a result lead to healthy business conditions that will have positive benefits for all.

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