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An Abortion to Save the Life of the Pregnant Woman

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements
Please make sure that you use the materials in Unites 1, 2 and 3. I attached the textbook.
There is only one question. To answer this question, make use of any material in Units 1, 2, and 3 that you believe is relevant or helpful. The material you select to use, and the way in which you use it, should show me how well you understand these three units and how insightful or clever you can be in utilizing, while answering one question, disparate pieces or chunks of the textbook.
The task is this: Assume that abortion is in general morally wrong, but allow yourself to consider the possibility of making one and only one exception: an abortion to save the life of the pregnant woman. Lay out the reasons or considerations on both sides, the reasons for permitting the exception and the reasons against the exception. It is possible that the reason(s) why abortion is wrong in the first place may have to be modified, or maybe not. Near the end of your essay, decide which position you favor, for or against the moral exception; and then explain carefully your reasons for that decision. (A warning or heads-up: Pay attention to other moral implications of the position you eventually embrace.)
Word limits1: There is no lower limit. How little you write will depend on your assessment of what is valuable to say and what contributes to satisfying the task. Upper limit: 500 words. Not one word over 500. Write concisely; polish your answers to eliminate unnecessary words.

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