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An Essay on the Work of Composition

English language is increasingly becoming the language of communication among people in the world. It is being used in most offices across the world. Globalization has been hinted as the major cause of English internationalization. Almost all areas of life are currently under the pressure to involve English in their communication. The non native speaking countries are also under pressure to learn the language so as to aid in their communication in the international world.
This paper summarizes the arguments given in the article “An Essay on the Work of Composition” which has been written by Min- Zhan Lu which is found in the journal titled ‘College composition and communication’ published in the year 2004.
Argument Summary
As the language gains more users across the world, there is need establish what is meant by being a responsive and a responsible user of English. There assumptions that are said to help in the development of responsible as well as responsive approaches to the relationship between the English users and the language itself. The reason as to why this essay is being summarized is that it will be possible to reiterate the major points of the argument faster and at any time anywhere. In addition, it is important to incorporate summaries in any paper that has been written so as to easily communicate the main ideas of the work.
In the past, there has been a set of reasons as to why English users need to be responsive and responsible. Among the drivers to the increased use of the language has been globalization which tends to bring countries together and interact through business transactions. However, the use of English language varies depending on the purpose and individual users. The writer of the article presents assumptions which are likely to develop more responsive and responsible approaches in the relation between English and its users. The main argument presented in the essay is that the assumptions developed by the writer can help in composition of English against the grain of all systems and relations of injustice.
Sub arguments
In supporting her argument, the author has says that people need to be responsible especially in the catastrophe of the world we are leaving in. being responsible will help people who are using the language select the best places where they can use the language and how it should be used. For this responsibility and responsive communication to be done, people have to overcome the fears communication breakdowns resulting from language imperfection.
If a language is not effective, then it can as well be termed as dead. The language effectiveness depends on its ability to pass on the required message in the right time. Language need not to be biased for it to be effective. It is for this reason that the non native speaking countries are making efforts to learn the language so that they can effectively communicate in it. As the language continues to become international, it is being differentiated into various versions with varying accents and pronunciation depending on the country that is using the language. The pressure to learn the language will eventually submerge the other cultures in the process.
The use of English as a monopolistic language is likely to lead to capitalism which is said to be in the interest f the US. An approach that is said to be behind this relationship of English and other languages is the commodity approach. One learns the English version they need depending on the commodity they want. There is a fear that the designers of the tools fro learning such a language are likely to suppress the efforts to acquire or learn the language. This makes it difficult since people do not understand the English users come with the different ways to design the standards of learning the language.
User of English experience some level of dissonance in their discursive resources and this has an influence in the English they are interested in learning. In fact, potential dissonance has the ability to assist an English writer in grasping the context of the language. If efforts are made to make the redesigned language to an existence of collectiveness, they are likely to bring a long term changes. Therefore, the composition need to be redesigned and in the long run, this help in composition of English against the grain of all systems and relations of injustice.
English language has become or is becoming an international language at a high rate. The language has gone on to include a number of versions which are dependent on the country in which it is being used. As a result, learners will learn the version they wish to know depending on their interests. Different approaches define the relation between the English language and the other language. There have however been fears that the increased pressure to learn the US English is likely to result into capitalism. That’s why the new approaches need to be embraced.

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