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Analysis of I in College from a Business Perspective

Analysis of I in College from a Business Perspective
Mission: Improve cooperation among people in a multicultural environment as an event organizer in the campus.
Shareholders: My parents, siblings, students and teachers in Syracuse University, government and potential employers.
Connect Chinese culture with other cultures in the campus.
Solve cultural conflicts between different individuals during events in the campus.
Improve multicultural communication among individuals in the campus.
I am familiar with Chinese culture since I was born in China. In addition, I am fluent in Chinese language. This makes it possible for me to introduce Chinese culture to other people. For the four years I have been studying in the United States, I have learnt American culture and interacted with people from other parts of the world. This helps me interact properly with Americans and other global communities based in America. Furthermore, I graduated from an American high school and got the chance to share interests with American students. Thus I was able to compare different life styles between Chinese and Americans based on my concrete experiences.
I am currently a member of the Global China Connection (GCC), which is an organization in the campus that encourages social, cultural, and business exchange between China and the Western world. This organization has helped me achieve my objective by improving my understanding about Chinese and Western cultures. GCC offers programs to encourage foreigners learn the Chinese language, experience Chinese culture, and build relationships with native Chinese people in order to promote global cultural understanding.
English is a second language to me, thus I am not able to converse fluently in English like native English speakers. I am not familiar with other languages apart from Chinese and English. This hinders me from organizing events since this task needs comprehensive language based, not only in English, but other languages.
On the other hand, I have a weakness in socializing with different people. Other people always complain that I am not talkative enough. Additionally, I feel uncomfortable speaking in public.
Different languages are taught in the campus and I can attend these classes to learn them. I have an opportunity of studying abroad to learn more cultural aspects. As I continue to study, I meet with different people from different cultural backgrounds and this provides opportunities for learning their cultures. Within the campus, GCC builds partnerships with other cultural organizations and individuals. Through these organizations I can be able to share different cultural aspects with other communities.
People have stereotypes about other cultures and this hinders interaction among different environments. As a Chinese, I do have some stereotype that cannot be broken. For example, I only shake hands when encountering friends instead of hug each other. It is difficult to enter new socio-cultural groups because of dissimilar thoughts and customs.
Plan for the Future:
To enhance proper understanding about different cultures, I will continue to interact with different people from different cultural backgrounds to understand their cultures. Although I have an introverted personality, I plan to engage myself in debates and other interactive events to become familiar with likes and dislikes of people I work with. In addition, I will adopt a strategy of talking to my colleagues whenever I meet them. To improve my public speaking skills, I have plans to practice with my colleagues about speaking to people in a crowd. This will be achieved by joining discussion groups where I will vie for leadership positions. These positions will help learn about the cultural aspects of my followers and other leaders.

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