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Analysis of Lyrics Assignment

Analysis of Lyrics Assignment
You will select a song with lyrics that suggest an aging theme. Provide a complete citation for the song and a copy of the lyrics. Then you will write a short paper (3-5 pages) (Times New Roman 12 point, one inch margins on all sides, double spaced) in addition to a cover sheet. answering the following questions:
What do the lyrics have to do with aging?
In whose voice is the song? (For example, an aged person reminiscing or a younger person looking ahead or “preminiscing”)
What is the lyrical Message (moral message, dedication, etc)
What is the image of Aging (frail, wise one, experienced, etc.)
How, if at all, are elements of the “life course perspective” treated?
a) Personal attributes (personality traits, genes, adaptive resources)
b) Birth cohort
c) Period effects
d) Stratification
Consider how this song is similar or different from other images of aging discussed in this class
Consider whether the image of aging is or is not “productive.”

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