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Analytical Thinking, Creativity, Writing Ability

Analytical Thinking, Creativity, Writing Ability
Introduction: Implementation of PetWorx Project.
Implementation of a new product in the market is not a one time activity. The process continues and until the product is accepted in the market completely (Dibb&Simkin, 2008). The market should be be divided into segments so that each class of customer gets unique products which match their needs. The products of PetWorx Projectwill be introduced into the market in these small sections till theygets into the market fully. It is necessary to have delegates who will assist in the implementation process. In addition, proper communication should be maintained with all customers. The company will distribute the products in supermarkets and help with promotions. The sales agents should be aware of the objective of the project. The progress will be monitored to ensure that the project succeeds. Adaptations will be done depending on the market situation.
Once the plan has been successfully implemented, its progress will be evaluated. Evaluation of sales progress will be observed (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2012). Clients will be asked where they heard about the product to know areas to improve on the promotional strategy. This will help to establish whether the advertisements are working or not. The sales agents will observe which market segment is buying the product. This will helpto determine whether the marketing plan is meeting its objectives. It will also be valuable to monitor the progress of competitors (Luther, 2001).
The recommendations of the marketing plan will be done depending on the indication made from the evaluation process. If the sales decrease, the reasons for the decrease would be established and improvements made. The agents will identify what customers are saying and what their response is and then adjust the plan accordingly to meet their requirements. As the market changes, it will be necessary to adjust to fit in the market.The agents will make efforts to maintain strong communication with the delegates and the customers to get constant feedback.
Overview of the product.
PetWorx is a detergent used to wash garments and textiles. The main function of the product is to remove animal hair from the garments. It helps to create an environment that is free from animal hair for customers. The product breaks animal hair and keep it off from textiles. In addition, it can prevent textiles from animal hair for a period of up to three weeks after washing. It is helpful to the people who are allergic to animal hair. The product, which is associated with house laundry brand known as “Cold Power”, helps to create a favourable environment for allergic people as well as for everyone else.
The company targets the people whose skins are sensitive to animal hair and they react against it. Therefore, the target market will be those areas where there are many pets, and there are young families for children are vulnerable to the allergic reactions. The product meets its objectives because it creates a clean environment that is free from animal hair. It high helps pet owners, who have problems with pet hair, by keeping it off fromclothes. It is economical because it can prevent the hair from cloths for a period of up to three weeks after washing. The product maintains a strong and reputable brand name and obtain a market share of up to 5% within 5 years. It ensures that this objective is met through its effectiveness in terms of cost and action.

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