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Andrew Peller Limited

Andrew Peller Limited
Cost Structure and Financial Projections for Canadian Company called “Andrew Peller Limited” . You need to do some appendix and references with them because I have to do also a presentation.
Added on 09.02.2015 00:55
My team signed me to do the Cost Structure and Financial Projections. You need to do some appendix and references with them because I have to do also a presentation.
I have been attached the company reported and the instructions.
Added on 09.02.2015 00:56
Please do just the two parts:
1- Cost Structure
2- Financial Projections
Andrew Peller Ltd (TSX: ADW A)
Due to changes with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), recent financials statement presentations have been adjusted to meet this standard.  Please note the original historical presentations have remained in the original format
Exchange rate used is that of the Year End reported date
As Reported Annual Balance Sheet
Report Date    03/31/2014        03/31/2013        03/31/2012
Currency    CAD        CAD        CAD
Audit Status    Not Qualified        Not Qualified        Not Qualified
Consolidated    Yes        Yes        Yes
Scale    Thousands        Thousands        Thousands
Accounts receivable    22693        25484        24937
Inventories    120751        115931        110256
Current portion of biological assets    1062        938        881
Prepaid expenses & other assets    1381        1573        1338
Income taxes recoverable    240        268        –
Total current assets    146127        144194        137412
Property, plant & equipment, cost    177842        168193        157901
Total accumulated amortization    -87690        -79352        -73411
Property, plant & equipment    90152        88841        84490
Biological assets    14054        13405        12556
Intangible assets    13209        12606        13621
Goodwill    37473        37473        37473
Total assets    301015        296519        285552
Bank indebtedness    54407        60099        57495
Trade payables    28664        24057        28464
Accrued liabilities    7802        –        8654
Accrued liabilities & other current liabilities    –        8080        –
Restructuring provision    501        1075        –
Deferred income    404        404        –
Accounts payable & accrued liabilities    37371        33616        37118
Dividends payable    1391        1252        1252
Income taxes payable    –        –        40
Current portion of derivative financial instruments    1002        1107        1272
Current portion of long-term debt    7392        6450        5366
Total current liabilities    101563        102524        102543
Long-term debt    38328        41473        41456
Long-term derivative financial instruments    268        1215        1943
Post-employment benefit obligations    6132        6816        7151
Deferred income    910        1314        –
Deferred income taxes    15811        13772        11907
Total liabilities    163012        167114        165000
Class A shares    6626        6626        6626
Class B shares    400        400        400
Capital stock    7026        7026        7026
Retained earnings    130977        122379        113526
Total shareholders’ equity    138003        129405        120552
Total equity & liabilities    301015        296519        285552
As Reported Annual Income Statement
Report Date    03/31/2014        03/31/2013        03/31/2012
Currency    CAD        CAD        CAD
Audit Status    Not Qualified        Not Qualified        Not Qualified
Consolidated    Yes        Yes        Yes
Scale    Thousands        Thousands        Thousands
Sales    297824        289143        276883
Cost of goods sold    -189842        -179356        -169626
Amortization of plant & equipment used in production    -4979        -5098        -4826
Gross profit    103003        104689        102431
Selling & administration expenses    -74253        -76254        -74606
Amortization of equipment & intangibles used in selling & administration    -3316        -3030        -3026
Interest expense    -5386        -5142        -5354
Restructuring costs    -1409        -1118        –
Operating earnings    18639        –        –
Operating earnings    –        19145        19445
Net unrealized gains on derivative financial instruments    750        1295        257
Other income (expenses)    -145        544        -1163
Earnings before income taxes    19244        20984        18539
Current provision for income taxes    -3239        -4045        -4841
Deferred provision for income taxes    -1984        -2180        -697
Provision for income taxes    -5223        -6225        –
Net earnings for the year    14021        14759        13001
Weighted average class A shares outstanding – basic    11293.829        11293.829        11293.829
Weighted average class B shares outstanding – basic    3004.041        3004.041        3004.041
Weighted average class A shares outstanding – diluted    11293.829        11293.829        11293.829
Weighted average class B shares outstanding – diluted    3004.041        3004.041        3004.041
Year end shares outstanding    14297.87        14297.87        14297.87
Basic earnings per class A share    1.01        1.06        0.93
Basic earnings per class B share    0.88        0.92        0.81
Diluted earnings per class A share    1.01        1.06        0.93
Diluted earnings per class B share    0.88        0.92        0.81
Total number of employees    1131        1189        1162
As Reported Annual Retained Earnings not available for this company at present.
As Reported Annual Cash Flow
Report Date    03/31/2014        03/31/2013        03/31/2012
Currency    CAD        CAD        CAD
Audit Status    Not Qualified        Not Qualified        Not Qualified
Consolidated    Yes        Yes        Yes
Scale    Thousands        Thousands        Thousands
Net earnings (loss) for the year    14021        14759        13001
Loss (gain) on disposal of property & equipment    –        -536        203
Loss (gain) on disposal of property & equipment & intangible assets    154        –        –
Amortization of plant, equipment & intangible assets    8295        8128        7852
Impairment of intangible assets    –        –        200
Interest expense    5386        5142        5354
Provision for income taxes    5223        6225        5538
Revaluation of biological assets – net of insurance recovery    67        -33        412
Net unrealized loss on derivative financial instruments    -750        -1295        -257
Post-employment benefits    -489        -1547        -761
Deferred income    -404        1718        –
Interest paid    -4904        -4823        -5520
Income taxes paid    -3211        -4353        -5801
Cash flows before changes in working capital    23388        23385        20221
Accounts receivable    2791        -1547        -547
Inventories & current portion of biological assets    -4944        -5732        -15686
Prepaid expenses & other assets    -110        167        -520
Accounts payable & accrued liabilities    3893        -2948        3525
Change in non-cash working capital items related to operations    1630        -10060        -13228
Cash provided by (used in) operating activities    25018        13325        6993
Proceeds from disposal of property, plant & equipment    18        533        –
Proceeds from disposal of property, plant, & equipment & vine biological assets    –        –        27
Purchase of property & equipment & vine biological assets    -9388        -12949        -7272
Purchase of intangible assets    -1797        –        -1395
Proceeds from disposal of a business    –        1000        –
Acquisition of businesses    –        –        -600
Cash provided by (used in) investing activities    -11167        -11416        -9240
Increase (decrease) in bank indebtedness    -5692        2604        8737
Issuance of long-term debt    4086        6500        50263
Repayment of long-term debt    -6821        -5849        -50944
Deferred financing costs    –        -155        -904
Dividends paid    -5424        -5009        -4905
Cash provided by (used in) financing activities    -13851        -1909        2247
Learning Activity #1 (LA #1): Completing a Synopsis Appraisal of a Qualitative Research Study (Weighted Points = 8%)
Due Date: February 11, 2015 by 11:55 PM
Go to the Course Content page inside the course in Blackboard. Read the qualitative research study by Noone, Allen, Sullivan, McKenzie, Esqueda, and Ibarra “A Latino Youth Photovoice Project on Teen Pregnancy”. Then appraise and critique the article following the components of Synopsis (Refer to your textbook, Appendix E: Appraisal Guide: Findings of a Qualitative Study, textbook page 415). For this Learning Activity, you will only do the Synopsis portion of the Appraisal. This paper is not in APA format. It will follow the template for Study Synopsis Appraisal as sown on page 415. This is a 2-3 page paper, 500 words. No title page, abstract or reference page are needed.
Title your page with the following heading:
•    Learning Activity #1: Your Name and the Date
•    Appraisal of the Findings of a Qualitative Study:
•    Citation: Noone, J., Allen, T. L., Sullivan, M., McKenzie, G., Esqueda, T., & Ibarra, N. (2014). Escuchando a Nuestros Jovenes: A Latino Youth Photovoice Project on Teen Pregnancy. Hispanic Health Care International, 12(2), 63-70. doi: .org/10.1891/1540-4153.12.2.63
Use the following questions from Synopsis, page 415. Copy each of the following questions (with number) and then answer each question.
A.    Synopsis:
1.    What experience, situation, or subculture did the researchers seek to understand?
2.    Did the researchers want to produce a description of an experience, a social process, or an event, OR is the goal to generate a theory?
3.    How was data collected?
4.    How did the researchers control their biases and preconceptions?
5.    Are specific pieces of data (e.g., direct quotes) and more generalized statements (themes, theories) included in the research report?
6.    What were the main findings of the study?
B.    Conclusion: Conclude your paper by stating whether you agree or disagree with the study findings. Do you think the findings would be different if this study was conducted with teens from another racial/ethnic group? Do you think the findings would be different if this study was conducted with teens in another part of the world, i.e., South America, Africa, or Europe?
SCORING: Synopsis: 6 items: 9 points; Conclusion: 1 point

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