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1.Strunk and White devote Part V of their book to describing “An Approach to Style (With a List of Reminders).” What are the reasons they offer to avoid overstating, overwriting, or over explaining? In what ways are these dictates helpful for writing in your career in regulatory affairs? In what ways are they a possible hindrance in writing papers for graduate school courses?
2.Chapters 20 & 21 of the Turabian manual provide a laundry list of highly specific rules for spelling and punctuation conventions. Some of these you need to remember, some of them you will need to know when to look them up, and some of them you can forget a few moments after reading them. From you review of the two chapters, which of the several rules most surprised you? Which rules do you find most commonly ignored? Which ones will alter your writing the most?
3.What are the dangers associated with using Wikipedia or similar online references when writing formal papers? How will you know if the information is accurate? If you wanted to check the reliability of Wikipedia’s entries relevant to your research, how would you do so? What are the uses of Wikipedia or similar sources that Turabian manual does advocate?

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