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Apply learning and motivation theory and research within a specified learning context.

Apply learning and motivation theory and research within a specified learning context.
1-    Write an inquiry report about the above topic chosen as explained down.
2-    Read more about what do we mean by “Inquiry” and see more examples in the folder “Inquiry Examples”
3-    Use motivational theories to identify and discuss my inquiry in relation to relevant literature that I’ve attached in the folder “References”
4-    Divide this assignment into three sections as explained down.
5-    Pay attention to the marking criteria because this assignment wroth 55%.
6-    Could you please concentrate on this reference because it’s very important to talk about the mechanism and link it to my inquiry :
Aitken, G., & Sinnema, C (2008). Effective pedagogy in social sciences / Tikanga a iwi: Best
evidence synthesis iteration, Wellington, New Zealand: Ministry of Education.
“My husband experience for learning how to cook”
This topic should be written in formal way within classroom teaching experience with my students around any education topics but since I’m not teaching right now the lecturer asked me to write it in informal way so I chose my husband as an example to write about my inquiry because he was not having any idea about cooking but he improved recently and he learned much about cooking. So I want you to write this assignment to show the shift that happened to my husband as a learner and how my interventions using motivation theories helped him. You can write anything related to this idea and you can put some quotations of my husband’s sayings like conversations between me and him about cooking and some of his questions about cooking because these are the evidences that I supposed to insert in this inquiry. Also you have to go back to the literature reviews using motivation theories like self-efficacy, casual attribution, Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and many other theories in the reference file that I’ve attached. The most important thing is talking about the mechanism that I’ve stated above in the reference of Aitken, G., & Sinnema, C (2008). Check the inquiry examples to learn more about these four mechanisms. Lastly look at marking criteria to double check that you covered up all required points.
Your written report needs to respond to the following questions:
1_What was the overall learning and/or motivation need for your learners? What evidence did you collect to lead you to this decision? (Focusing inquiry) [700-800 words]
2_What (evidence-based) intervention did you use to support these learners in their learning and/or motivation. How did you use it? (Teaching inquiry) [700-800 words]
3-What was the outcome of using this intervention on the children’s or adults’ learning and/or motivation? With reference to literature within and beyond this course, identify your new understandings about this aspect of learning and/or motivation? What might you do next and why? (Learning inquiry)
[1400-1600 words]
Section of this assignment:
Focusing inquiry:
What does your evidence say about the students’ learning/motivation needs?
Teaching Inquiry:
What strategy (intervention) might work best to help support students’ learning
Learning Inquiry:
What is happening now for your students as a result of your intervention?

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