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Argumentative Essay on Teenagers and Tattoos

Write a rhetorical analysis of the essay, “On Teenagers and Tattoos” using the Toulmin method (Chapter 3).
The key rhetorical elements of this essay — Claim, Reasons, Evidence, Refutations — should be identified and discussed in your paper.
See Pp. 34-37 for a step-by-step explanation of the process you should use to write this type of analysis.
Simply discussing the content of the essay (summarizing) will earn a failing grade on this paper—the purpose here is to identify, discuss, and understand the rhetorical strategies the author uses to deliver his message and ideas.
General Essay Guidelines:
Mini-Essays follow the same conventions as “regular” essays—paragraph transitions, topic and concluding sentences, thesis statement, and introduction and concluding paragraphs. See the list below for more requirements:
1. At least TWO (full) pages in length
2. Margins: 1 inch (top, bottom, sides)
3. Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
4. Line spacing: Double-space EVERYTHING (extra line spaces between paragraphs and other sections of the paper is incorrect). ALWAYS use the sample MLA research paper on pp. 157-166 as your model for your essays.
5. MLA in-text citations should be used EVERY time reference is made to either a primary or a secondary source—this includes references to material and paraphrases of material as well as direct quotes. MLA formatting guidelines: see the sample MLA research paper on Pp. 157-166 in your text book—use it as a model for your essays in this class. . .pay attention to and follow the marginal guidelines
6. College-level grammar and mechanics (grade is based on the quality of writing AND the level of critical thinking/analysis)

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