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1)Write an SQL statement to display the publication id, the publication date, the cost, and the category of each book destined for publication id number 4.
2)Repeat task 1 but include ID, Date as column aliases for the first two columns.
3)Write an SQL statement to display the consumer’s least expensive book in each book category.
4)Repeat task 3 but sort the displayed categories in descending order.
5)Write an SQL statement to display the customer number, the city of destination, and the shipping date for all shipments with order number above 1010. (Hint: Use the orders table.)
6)Repeat task 5 but further restrict your output to estimated shipping dates after April 04, 2005. (Hint: Your date restriction will require a format identical to the one displayed from task 5, and it must be in single quotation marks—’05-JAN-01′ for example.)
7)Write an SQL statement to display the publication id, the average retail price, and the average cost of all books. Group your output by the publication id.
8)Repeat task 7 but restrict your output to records having average costs in excess of $25.00.
Note: please provide screenshot to verfiy it works

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