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Business Environment & Strategic Management

Assignment Requirements
There are three questions in the assignment brief , but please answer either Q2 or Q3 .
Q2 ) About Strategic Management
Q3 ) About Developing Strategy
I will upload Power point slider for Q2 & Q3 with case studies as well to help you more . Please make sure that you follow the guidance carefully and use different types of references books , journals , and websites. Please make sure its not plagiarize .
EMBA Readings: Case Study Questions
LEGO: Questions

Explain how the development of strategy at the LEGO Group reflect the key characteristics of strategic management outlined in section 1.2 and in the model in Figure 1.4
What features of the external environment have influenced strategy development at the LEGO Group?
What resources and competences of the LEGO Group have enabled them to regain their successful position in the global toy market?
What were the alternative strategies facing the LEGO Group in 2004? Why do you think the LEGO Group followed the course that they did?
Looking at the LEGO Group today how would you approach strategy development to ensure a successful development of the company in the future?

AMAZON.COM: Questions
(i)   Explain Amazon.com’s strategy during the period 2007 to early 2010. (The purpose of this question is to get students to understand how Amazon continues to move and grow very quickly).
(ii)  What do you consider to be Amazon’s strategic capabilities?
(iii)Evaluate Amazon’s diversification strategy. (This question asks students to assess the consistency of Amazon’s strategy as well as whether it makes strategic sense. Is there just too much going on and should Amazon start focusing upon fewer things?)
(iv)Develop and justify a strategy for Amazon going forward.
Manchester United: Questions

Identify the different forms of ownership that might be adopted by MUFC and how these might lead to different expectations.
Identify the main stakeholder groups involved in MUFC, and using Figure 4.4 map their power and level of interest. How might the expectations of the various stakeholder groups differ and potentially come into conflict?
Refer to section 5.4 and decide what you feel were the key cultural characteristics of Manchester United in terms of values, beliefs and taken-for-granted assumptions: (a) pre-1990 and (b) today? What are the implications of these changes to current and future strategies?
Reflect on Table 4.2 and explain how the organisation’s ethical stance and corporate social responsibility stance has shifted.

Additional questions

Do you feel that the various aspects of corporate governance are appropriate for a football club? What changes in governance would you like to see?
How has Manchester United aligned itself to the external environmental factors in the football industry? Identify key opportunities and threats commenting on how well placed the club is to exploit the opportunities and deal with the threats.
How much does it matter whether Manchester United continue to win matches, have a dip in form and/or are relegated, or indeed if they need to play football at all?

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