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Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources

Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources
Project description
Markers comments/instructions
on section 2. Understand the main external contextual factors impacting on organisations and the HR function.-I got a referral because of
a) 2.3 Explain the nature of globalisation and international factors affecting organisations.
REFER:You have provided an appropriate definition of globalisation. However, in order to meet the assessment criteria, you need to expand further here and identify examples of international factors which may impact on your organisation.
You could discuss triad economies (EU, USA, Japan) and new forces such as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Could use GRO (Global Reporting Initiative) if concerned with sustainability. You could also refer to GATT and WTO agreements. There is insufficient information in this section. More additions are necessary. Please follow the markers advice and guidance.
b)2.4 Describe the impact of government and EU policy and regulations on organisations.REFER:You need to provide specific examples of UK and EU regulations that are impacting on your chosen organisation. There is insufficient information in this section. More additions are necessary. Please follow the markers advice and guidance.
On section 5. Know how to identify and respond to short-term changes in the business and external contexts. got referred because of
5.2 Assess environmental planning and the sources of business data for planning purposes REFER:You have provided an insightful discussion around cost implications involve in Tesco moving forward in the competitive marked. Unfortunately, you havent confirmed how the organisation carries out environmental research to help decide on the direction of the business. You need to describe what sources of data are used for this type of planning and where it comes from. Examples could include: Office for National Statistics [ONS]; Croners Pulse People Predications for the Future [www.cronersolutions.co.uk];OCED Labour Market Outlook.
to summarize:
Assessor feedback summary:
You have produced an insightful and meaningful report demonstrating your knowledge of the organisation and your awareness of internal and external factors affecting its operations in these challenging times of change. This is a good first submission, so please do not be put off by receiving a referral. Please refer to the TMA checklist and my comments on your script.
Your approach is quite descriptive and I would encourage you to take a more academic approach ie to be more analytical in terms of applying theory to practice. I recommend your read up on the Harvard Referencing system on the VLC.
Please highlight in a different colour any additions to your original work. Please also ensure you attach the TMA checklist and feedback to your resubmission.
Please aim to resubmit your work within two weeks.
Dear Viktoria,
Please see my comments for advice and guidance. Please see the first markers comments for the additions that need making to them.
PS: This is the second referral I received after using your services and I can’t afford another one – next step is fail…Please follow instructions given above…

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