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Business Studies

Business Studies
Paper details:
Enterprise Resource Planning and Systems Integration
Read the associated chapter(s) and other resources related to the topic of Enterprise Resource Planning and Systems Integration; write a three page (minimum) paper of the readings not including the title or reference pages:
1. Search the Web and locate three (3) Web sites that relate to the readings. These sites could be white papers or research documents found on research databases, commercial or non-commercial sites that have something to do with the readings, or news articles that discuss the topics. For each URL write a one-paragraph summary of the Web site focusing on how it relates to the readings.
2. Create a Word document containing the following
• A title page containing your name, course, assignment and date.
• A Background Section (minimum two pages) discussing what you found in your research from reading the text and performing research on Internet. This is what the author’s think about the topic and where most the readings should be cited.
• An Analysis Section (minimum one page), which is what you learned about the topic. Other authors may be cited here as well to support your analysis.
• A URLs section containing the three URL’< s with their accompanying paragraph from step 1 ???????? Reference section. This paper should follow APA guidelines with a title page; and APA style citations and reference page. No table of contents or abstract is required. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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