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Case Analysis/ Scenario

Case Analysis/ Scenario
Overview of the case
Drug addiction is an undesired incidence in any given work environment in the United States. For a company to deal with incidences of drug abuse and related incidences in the work environment, it is supposed to have a good policy on drug abuse. For the case of Accessory Plus Incorporated, the case of drug abuse has been suspected. However, there is no policy framework in place for the company to deal with the case and offer an amicable sustainable solution to the problem. One employee is suspected to be abusing drugs and the company is divided on which action to take in order to eliminate the vice. Though there has not been any main interruption that has been caused to the operation of the company, the company management feels that it is desirable to take an action before a disruption is caused. According to Jones, Steffy & Bray (1991), this is a wise step for a proactive management. It is a clear pointer of the embrace of strategic management practices in the organization. The problem that faces the management is the manner in which to take the best approach of solving the drug abuse case.
Drug abuse at the workplace and the America with Disabilities Act
According to Behren (n. d), the issue of drug addiction at the workplace is extensively covered in the America with Disabilities Act. Alcoholics and drug addicts are protected by this price of legislation. However there are exceptionalities to the manner in which this piece of legislation is administered. People who are completely addicted to drugs and alcohol are not protected by the legislation. People who are completely covered by the legislation are those who are undergoing rehabilitation. Also, recovered addicts are fully covered by the Act. People who are still addicted are exempted from the protection that is offered by the legislation especially when they present direct risks to either themselves of to other people at the workplace. According to the ADA, drug addicts who do not pose threats to the work environment and their employers are supposed to be accommodation and assistance from their employers.
The ADA acts gives room to companies for the development of work policies on drugs so long as the policies obey the legislation. Companies are given room to detect cases of drug abuse by observing a number of characteristics of employees which are enlisted in the legislation (Batiste, 2011). Therefore, Accessory Plus can use best practices in convincing Pat to take a drug test. According to ADA, Pat has not caused any danger in the company and has a right to full accommodation from the organizational management.

Accessory Plus should develop drug policies which will guide it in dealing with cases of drug abuse which are likely to increase due to the deployment of college students.
The company needs to assess and familiarize itself with all legislation concerning drug abuse at the work place. One of the major legislation that should be grasped by the management of the company is ADA. This will ensure that the policies do not clash with prevailing legislations.
To familiarize itself with the impact of drug abuse at the workplace, the company can do a survey. This survey will give a clue of how to lay down sound policies.
The company has to involve all its employees when developing the policy framework as their policy will affect them directly thence their views are critical.
The company san then lay down a draft policy which will be subjected to improvements before it fully takes course.

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