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cheap fashion comes at a human price

Below is some guideline for answering the two essay questions that are due on 30 March. Not at both questions are focused on trade. Pay particular attention to the core ideas in each question. Note:

Referencing is very important, and you need at least five academic sources. If you need help with your referencing please visit the Academic Support Unit before you submit your work.
You must also remember that you have to submit to turnitin at the same time as you submit your essay on StudyNet.
Citation is very important and it must be done correctly
this is an economics module and evidence is very important. This can take the form of data in tables or graphs, statistics on events or episodes and or specific events related to trade between countries or a group of countries.
For Turnitin , the website is submit.ac.uk. The Course title Issues in the Global Economy 20111 and the course Id 261934. The password is ige2011

Q1 According to the British charity Action Aid, cheap fashion comes at a human price (BBC news 20th July 2010). Critically discuss the validity of this statement with reference to trade in industrial goods.
This question is focused on aspects related to trade in industrial goods and the possibility that it disadvantages someone, implicitly developing countries. Think about aspects such as child

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