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Author & date: Gagnon, A.J. & Sandall, J.; 15th April, 2009

Article title: Individual or group antenatal education for childbirth or parenthood, or both.
Website: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD002869.pub2/pdf/standard
The benefits of antenatal training for childbirth and the best learning approaches largely remain unclear. The antenatal educational objective is to assist prospective parents get ready for childbearing and duties of parenthood. There are different ways of offering antenatal education, but some are known to be more effective compared to the others. In this study, the evaluation of the trails identified an absence of high quality data from the trails and hence the influence of antenatal education relatively remains unknown. Further research should be carried out to ensure that appropriate ways of assisting health professionals provide support to expectant mothers and their spouses.

Author & date: Childbirth Connection; 9/9/2010.

Article title: Journey to Parenthood: your guide through pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Website: http://www.childbirthconnection.org/article.asp?ck=10477
For centuries, childbirth has been regarded as the most natural and frequent event that females share irrespective of their nationality, religious inclinations, culture, and psychological beliefs. Many women find childbirth to be an interesting and empowering experience that could be applicable to other phases of their lives. To be bale to make the best possible decisions about the upbringing of your baby women should arm themselves with the best information available. The journey to parenthood is not meant to substitute regular childbirth learning classes, prenatal and post natal care, or the support gained from family and friends. However, it offers valuable information concerning the various options and choices that are available. An individual first learns about decision making from informed choices, health care providers, and possible support during labor.

Author & date: Net Industries; 2012

Article title: Nonmarital Childbearing – Consequences of Nonmarital Childbearing in Developed Nations.
Website: http://family.jrank.org/pages/1218/Nonmarital-Childbearing-Consequences-Nonmarital-Childbearing-in-Developed-Nations.html
Non-marital childbearing has repercussions for women, infants, and all societies across the world. Non-marital childbirth changes the lifestyle of a person. It also affects the social, and economic conditions of a person. People should conform to certain social status after they give birth to children out of marital affairs. The society perceives such people to be immoral or to lack moral standards. However, some general implications have been reported in research. Research has shown that non-marital childbearing is associated with various negative outcomes for women and their babies. Women with non-marital births are characterized by cases of low income and education levels. In addition, they are usually known to be reliant on governmental aid. Single parenthood prohibits women from realizing their career and educational objectives. Non-marital childbearing is also noted to have a negative impact on the children.

Author & date: Dickinson, E.; 16/09/2005

Article title: Best age for childbearing remains 20-35: Delaying risk heartbreak, say experts.
Website: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/30737.php
It is assumed that the best age of getting a child is between 20 and 35 years. This is strongly supported by doctors and healthcare providers. Pregnancies among women above the age of 35 are progressively marked in western nations. Notably, an increase of age is associated with fertility problems, which tend to increase in severity with age. The consequence is that the health of the mother and the child is highly compromised. Delays in having children also have a detrimental effect on the spouses. For instance, it has been revealed that semen counts reduce gradually with age. Children of older men have a high chance of developing cognitive and other genetic disorders. Despite these challenges, many pregnancies in women above the age of 35 have pleasant outcomes.

Author & date: Chien, N.C. & East, P.L.; October, 2012.

Article title: The Younger Siblings of Childbearing Adolescents: Parenting Influences on Their Academic and Social-Emotional Adjustment
Website: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10964-011-9715-x
The younger brothers and sisters of childbearing teenagers have poor educational outcomes. In addition, they show a lot of internalizing and externalizing challenges compared to their counterparts without a teenage mother. From this study, results indicated that, for young males, the influence of living with a sibling who was a teenage parent was mitigated by the mothers’ parenting. However, for young females, the situation was mitigated through the close monitoring of the mother. These findings illuminate the family processes that influence or lead to the problematic results of teenagers living with teenage parents who are older siblings.

If your child starts crying how would you handle the situation?
What is the age of your child? And what do you consider to be your obligations towards the child?
What kind of activities do you engage in withyour child?
Can you please state if this is your first child? If so how has the transition from a       dyad to triad family been in your family?
After the birth of your baby have your goals and preferences changed in relation to the pursiut of your professional career or not?
What would you do if your child threw a tantrum in a shopping mall?
What is the significance of outdoor play and interactions with other toddlers to your child?
Have you handled an emergency case related to your child in the recent past? if so can you explain the action you took and why?
What is the relationship between your child and his/her mother/father?
What effect of getting a new member in the family has it had on your financial position?

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