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Communication Plan

Literature reviewIncrease in globalization requires people to interact with others from diversified cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. Closed market operations no longer exist and people can migrate from one place to another. The increase in factor mobility has created the need for people with skills migrate to different places in search for jobs. Increase in competition in the business sector requires employers draw employees from different countries. Professionals are looking for better opportunities in the global market. Both profit and non-profit organizations require diversified skills to provide creativity in the activities of the organizations. The need for change has encouraged firms to work with people from different cultures. Workplace diversity has become very important in the modern business (Green, López, Wysocki & Kepner, 2009). Treating people with dignity requires proper understanding of the various cultures existing within the organization. Managers and supervisors require understanding the changing workplace environment. Organizations are evolving at a very high rate and diversification continues to be experienced within the organization. Managers are challenged by the diversity in the organizations and they need to learn skills of working in multicultural work environment. Supervisors and managers should learn the value of multicultural differences in the stakeholders so that they can treat all people with dignity (Green, López, Wysocki & Kepner, 2009). The increasing world population is causing the diversity in ideologies. To create competitive advantage and productivity in the organizations requires the managers focus on the different ideas from different people (Society for Human Resource Management 1998). To increase the productivity of the organization requires the managers focus on workplace diversity. Effective human resource management is a key factor to achieving the goals of an organization. Diversity has become a competitive asset in the workplace and managers should not ignore it (Robinson, 2002). Diversity cuts across race and gender. Demographic changes have been experienced in the job market. More women are getting employed than before. The role of women in the market place and consumer behavior has taken a different pattern. Diversity in the workplace has been encouraged to accommodate the role of women in the job market. Dual income families have increased since both husbands and wives are involved in income earning activities in the recent years. Working single mothers have increased in the work environment. There are few men and women in the traditional family set up (Zweigenhaft, Richard & Domhoff, 1998). Restructuring of the roles of the organizational activities is required to accommodate the changing patterns in the job and career market. New creative strategies and approaches are required to manage people in the workplace. Increasing work performance and customer service requires managers embrace change. Downsizing and outsourcing strategies have changed the structure of the organizations. This has affected the role of human resource management. Globalization and technology have created an impact on the work place practices. Strategies of longer working hours are being adopted to ensure optimal productivity of labor factor. Restructuring and reorganization of the work place has resulted in fewer people doing more work (Loysk, 1996). Legal structures have changed to create equal employment opportunities to different people in the organizations. Discrimination in the workplace has been illegalized by the Federal and State equal opportunity legislation. The laws provide the rights of the employees. They provide responsibilities for associates and employers in the work environment. Managers and associates are responsible for ensuring equal opportunities and equity are practiced by the organization and that employees are not discriminated against (Devoe, 1999).Analysis Workplace diversity creates benefits to both the associates and employers. Productivity can be increased by respecting individual differences in the organization. Lawsuits are reduced by diversifying the activities of the organization. Market opportunities increase with diversity since the organization can recruit creative employees and improve the image of the business. Competitive advantage is made when the organization becomes flexible and creative. Therefore, diversity is very important for the success of the organization (Esty et al 1995). Many organizations have failed in their endeavors when they have neglected the diversity of cultures in the workplace. An example of an organization that has failed due to poor cultural analysis is the DaimlerChrysler merger. Daimler AG is an automobile company based in Germany. It is well known for its Mercedes products which have achieved a good brand image in the market. Chrysler is based in US and has dominated the US market for a long period of time. The merger between the two was done to increase the market as well as expand the production capacity of the two companies. The merger between Daimler AG and Chrysler Group was forecasted to be very successful. The two companies had a good history of performance in the market and the merger would increase the competitiveness of the companies (Yost, 2003). The two companies had good ideas before they merged and success was speculated about the merger. The management of the organizations laid down the strategies about the operations of the merger. A good impression was made about how the two organizations would promote each other in acquiring competitive advantage in the market. After the merger, the cultural differences brought about many politics among the employees from the two companies. The employees from Chrysler (US) were not ready to accept the ideas of those from Daimler AG (Germany). The politics within the merger brought about the breakdown of the merger later. The companies had not done self-promotion about their compatibility of the employees. The management had not accessed the compatibility of the cultural differences of the people working in the two companies (Fairholm, 1993). The merger never lasted for long before it failed due to lack of proper analysis of culture of the two companies. Cultural differences between the employees of the two companies caused the failure of the merger. The Germans have the culture of informal operation of activities while the Americans are too formal. This created a conflict between the management of the two companies, for example, the Americans emphasized on the use of official attire within the premises of the company. The Germans were flexible since they accepted transfers to the US based company. The Americans were resistant and never accepted the transfer out of US to Germany. This created a lot of conflicts between the management of the two companies (Schmidt, 2009). The causes of the failure of the strategy were poor communication between the management and the employees. The strategy to merge the two companies was not well established and the cultural differences were not resolved amicably. All the stakeholders were not consulted when establishing the strategy and this resulted into conflicts between the affected parties. Most of the changes were established by the management without forecasting the effects of the merger on the culture of the employees and other stakeholders. Daimler AG has completely separated itself from the activities of Chrysler. The merger existed from 1998 to 2007. Most of the goals of the merger were not achieved and Chrysler continues to experience more problems with the management (Schmidt, 2009). The need for employees to unionize has increased. Employers are required by law to provide their employees with the freedom to form and join trade unions. Wal-Mart Inc has encountered challenges due to its policies of restricting employees from forming labor unions to express their grievances. Wal-Mart Company has encountered several human resources management challenges due to poor employee payments and poor work conditions. The average wage rate for employees per hour is an average of $10.78. The beginning payment rates are too low and this places many employees below the poverty line. The pay rates are not increased quickly as compared to other companies. Low level health coverage for the employees has also been experienced. There are poor relationships between the workers and the management. Walmart has been criticized for locking night shift employees within the premises at night. The employees encounter many risks but the management has taken a few measures to reduce the risks (Abrahamson, 2009). Walmart has restricted the employees from establishing and joining labor unions to express their grievances. Some employees have grouped themselves to force the company practice good human resources practices as well as provide good workplace environment. Several boycott campaigns have been established but little success has been achieved. Labor unions in the country have been criticized the activities as well as the policies of the company to its employees. Although the company has restricted the creation of labor unions some employees have created some unions against the will of the company. Some of the unions established are Wake Up Wal-Mart and the Wal-Mart Watch (Clark, 2007). Wal-Mart has failed to adhere to the provisions of ISO9000 which requires all organizations adhere to proper employee management as well as provide good workplace environment (Clark, 2007). The poor employee practices have created low satisfaction to all workers. The workers have reacted by providing poor services to the customers. Poor customer relationship has been reported by some of the customers and many customers have shifted away from buying products of the company. Wal-Mart has made losses as more customers continue to drift away from the products of the company. To react to the low demand for the products of the company, the management has adopted the strategy of reducing the prices to attract more customers. However, this strategy has not reversed the low demand by the customers (Mui, 2008).Wal-Mart has been sued for gender discrimination. Female employees are discriminated against pay and promotions. More women than men are paid on the hourly basis but a small portion of women are represented in the management affairs. Compared to other organizations, the number of women managers in the company is very low. The company has also been criticized of discriminating minority groups such gay and lesbians (Mui, 2008). The Corporate Equality Index used by Human Rights Campaign has established low rating for Walmart for its poor employee practices as well as discrimination against women and the minority groups within the organization. Wal-Mart has been listed by the National Association of Female Executives as one of the poorest company in promoting women to executive positions. The Act enables the employees to form unions and prevents the interference of the employer during the election of the union leaders (Clark, 2007).Conclusion Culture determines and shapes the behavior of an individual. The management of any organization should assess the cultural needs of the people it is operating with. Conflicts in culture causes differences in ideas and may lead to the failure of the organization. Organizations use culture as a strategy to increase productivity. There are many changes in the diversity of organizations. Walmart has encountered the current problems due to failure to respect the culture of its employees. The merger between Daimler AG and Chrysler failed since the two companies never assessed the cultural differences of the employees.

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