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Composition and Critical Thinking

Desktop and laptop computer models are designed for business and consumer markets. It is expected that the business models should be superior, more robust and should run and last for a longer period as compared to the consumer ones. For business machines, care should be taken in their choice to ensure that they serve all the business needs. This ranges from the warranty duration given, compatibility with other equipment, cost, quality, reliability and the support services provided by the manufacturers (Avaren, 2012). This article will compare Dell and HP products and recommend the better model based on their suitability for business and consumer use.
A Comparison
According to Avaren (2012), HP machines are reliable in terms of Microsoft installations. Consumers find the service pack installations convenient and do not experience problems like a machine failing to boot up after a micro soft service release is applied. Their services are also reliable and they often deliver the expected parts within a considerable period. However this service is varied, business issues are responded with more haste than the consumer ones. Dell machines on the other hand have disappointed consumers on minimal occasions in which the machines simply could not give the expected results after software installation. Their support to both business and consumer clients is good, although consumers have at times been frustrated. This is common in cases where shipping of parts or sending support technicians is required.
Quality is the main area of interest when purchasing a computer. The two brands are known to produce good quality machines and consumers prefer these models over the rest of the models in the markets. However, Dell is lagging behind in terms of standardization. The manufacturing process has fewer processes and is cheap. For instance, there have been cases in which two similar models of Dell have been found to have completely different motherboards. Dell is incompetent innovative product design that keeps customers sampling for the latest models. When consumers experience such situation, their confidence in these products can be altered (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2009).
In most cases, Dell offers machines with the same characteristics as those of HP at a cheaper price. This is very convenient for consumer needs which may not be as demanding as the business ones. Lower prices attract customers and win their loyalty if the products that they obtain serve their purpose adequately. However this may scare some business consumers who may view cheaper prices as a question of poor quality. Building a business system is a delicate issue because a minor malfunction amounts in reduced productivity, wasted resources and business loss. Business organizations would rather go for expensive machines because this increases the confidence in their quality (Direct Laptops Guide, 2011).
When compared to the Dell models, HP computers offer better services in terms of quality, reliability and support by the manufacturers. Although they are slightly higher priced than their Dell counterparts, they guarantee customers an easy time while working with them. They exhibit fewer technical issues both in the software and the hardware. Dell laptop machines have a plain simple look that is not as attractive as the glossy finish on the lid of most HP laptops (Avaren, 2012).
The choice of a computer is determined by the business or personal consumer needs. Some consumers may need a basic machine while others are specific especially business clients who have many processes and procedures at the work place. They are motivated by the support services offered, quality and reliability. Preference is based on how these needs are met.

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