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compter science( Project Report)

compter science( Project Report)
? Use network component icons developed in the laboratory worksheets (or those below).
? Use Visio or equivalent drawing package to construct your diagrams showing the logical structure of your design between Kingston Hill campus, knight bridge campus and Penrhyn road campus.
? Show diagrams of the network and the at least two monitoring stations.
? Use print screen of monitoring tool to show performance of these three campus
? Show print screen of performance metrics( Two print screens)
? Show print screen of monitoring tools(two print screens)
? Show breakdown structure
? What needs to be in place before beginning experiment
? Discuss what sort of monitoring tools to be used and what will be measured on the networks
? Discuss 3-4 monitoring tools published. Find out about each.
? Contract advantages/disadvantages when you decide which to use.
? Discuss the network you are monitoring.
? Discuss how you will measure performance
? Download speed,end- to ?end delay,jitter variability of the delay, packet loss,show end-to-end measurement

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