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Confession Statement

Confession Statement
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This is for official confession letter. Please follow the requirements.
You are required to write an essay of at least 1,100 words addressing the following issues:
• Discuss the values, ethics, and morals of your childhood and teenage years, as well as your current values, ethics, and morals.
• Discuss how your ethics and values have changed over time. What events precipitated these changes?
• Complete the Help Henry exercise (going to all links), available at http://osc.umd.edu/CEE/HelpHenry.aspx
•What are some of the values that you think are important to Henry and how have these values helped him make his decision?
• Do you agree with Henry’s decision? Why, or why not? Please use specific examples from the passage.
• What are the professional and ethical obligations of your future profession? How might these obligations be challenged? What makes your future profession unique in this regard?
• Please find and describe a recent case involving an unethical or illegal act by a member of your future profession, and include a description of the act and the consequences of the actions. Was the person terminated, fined, or jailed?
• What level of liability does a firm have for an employee’s unethical or illegal actions?
• What steps will you take to ensure that you do not face future academic or ethical difficulties? • What can xxxxxx University do to promote Academic Integrity on campus? Please explain your answer.

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