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consumer purchase intention

COPY CW2 specification from course handbook
A study was conducted to gain a better understanding of the role and relative impact of a number of factors on the formation of consumer purchase intention. A survey on the views and attitudes of customers related to the purchase of ALDI Products was undertaken. A questionnaire was developed based on published research.  The aim of the research was to determine the most important factors in explaining intention.   Furthermore the study aimed to specifically examine the role of service quality and merchandise quality is enhancing the prediction of intention over and above the Theory of Planned Behaviour determinants. As well as explore consumers’ views in two countries (the UK and Germany). Respondents completed a personal interview outside supermarkets in both the UK and Germany. All useable questionnaires returned were processed and the data entered into SPSS.
The completed questionnaires provide information on the measures of the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) variables: Intention, Attitude, Subjective Norm and Perceived Behavioural Control as well as Service Quality and Merchandise Quality.
You should reference your work fully throughout this assignment, particularly in relation to discussions of the theory and the interpretations of the results.
Coursework requirements:
A report giving

a literature review (of around 500 words) on the theoretical model (TPB) used within this study (20%), and
giving results, detailed interpretation of findings on
(15%) the sample profile
(15%) differences in the TPB variables (Intention, Attitude, Subjective Norm and Perceived Behavioural Control) and in Service Quality and Merchandise Quality across Country.
(20%) the results of the application of the theory of planned behaviour in this context using the single item or averaged variables given in the dataset(by regressing Intention on Attitude, Subjective Norm and Perceived Behavioural Control),
(10%) the additional contribution of Service Quality and Merchandise Quality to the TPB model
(20%) a discussion section (of around 750 words)

Supporting evidence (tables/charts) should be included in the body of the report or in the appendices (where appropriate).  The report should contain approximately 2,000 words (excluding tables, diagrams, charts, references and appendices) and be fully referenced using the Harvard style.
Note that the above percentages are an indication of the weighting of each section.  The report will be marked as a single coherent piece of work and therefore it is important that you consider issues of structure, layout, and presentation.  All tables presented in the main body of the report should be discussed.  The emphasis of the report is on interpreting the statistics rather than describing what th

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