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Cover Letter

This essay seeks to explain the problem of traffic noise in the US. The essay establishes the major causes of traffic noise in the city of Washington DC and the impacts it has on the population. It also seeks measurers that are being employed by the responsible bodies in mitigation the problem.
From this research I learnt that traffic noise is one of the major air pollutants in the US. Also I learnt that traffic noise is a chronic problem in US. While many actions are being taken to avert it, many gaps still exist in fully dealing with the problem. I never thought tat this could be such a big problem for a developed nation like US.
While doing this research I discovered that is wad difficult to find materials with specific information. I had to apply borrow from general materials. Also, I discovered that most of the sources were quite old and the language used was casual.
However, I found the topic to be very interesting. The topic seemed to give me incites into what I thought was a minor problem. It was also simple to handle the topic because it talks about something that is visible or which can be easily quantified.
I have been a victim of traffic jam and traffic noise is something that has affected me. I could also connect well with the topic because I use the highways quite often. I was curious about understanding the impact of traffic noise as I am a regular road user. The essay is flowing and ideas in it are well articulated.
Annotated Bibliography
Carlson, Douglas D. Zhu, Han and Xiao, Can. Analysis of Traffic Noise before and after Paving with Asphalt-Rubber. 1995. Web. 04 June, 2012 from http://www.asphaltrubber.org/ari/Noise/Analysis_of_Traffic_Noise_Before_and_after_Paving_with_Asphalt_Rubber_on_US60.pdf
This article investigates the extent to which highway traffic noise can be mitigated using advanced technology.
U.S. Department Of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Natural Environment: Noise Team. Highway Traffic Noise Barrier Construction Trends. 2000. Web. 04 June, 2012. From http://www.drnoise.com/PDF_files/FHWA/Hwy%20Noise%20Barrier%20Trendst.pdf
This article outlines the series of actions that are being undertaken to deal with the problem of highway traffic noise in Washington.
“Wall Climbing.” Roads & Bridges 39.3 (2001): 52. Academic Search Premier.
This article talks explains how the problem of Traffic noise is being addressed. It focuses on wall climbing as on of the major projects of mitigating highway traffic noise.
Mohammed R. Mehdi, et al. “Modeling Of Road Traffic Noise And Estimated Human Exposure In Fulton County, Georgia, USA.” Environment International 37.8 (2011): 1336-1341.
This article is a research report of the intensity and effect of traffic noise on the environment. It contains recommendations on how to reduce the impact of traffic noise basing on a model case used in Georgia, US. It represents a multifaceted effort through projects.
Milius, S. “Just How Much Do U.S. Roads Matter?.” Science News 157.6 (2000): 95.
This article assesses the environmental pollution problems that originate from the use of US roads, traffic pollution being one of them. The paper assesses the intensity and impact of traffic noise and all pollutants from roads.

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