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Creative writing
Article1 Custom thesis and custom dissertation writing
Custom thesis refers to the piece of writing that is used for the purpose of conducting an undergraduate degrees or master project or even doctorates research. Thesis statements should be well defined and should incorporate all the relevant components of a research paper without leaving any loop hole. There are a number of emerging firms that assist students to come up with custom thesis for the purpose of conducting research at there different levels of studies. Those firms consist of professional writers who have a knowledge and experience of coming up with custom thesis. Normally, students at different levels of study find it quit challenging to come up with a valid and a relevant thesis statement which can assist them to write their final paper. The professional writers in the writing firm can come up with a thesis statement and a final paper which is free from plagiarisms or any other element of academic malpractices. This is because professional writers take their time to capture all the relevant details that customers want. This is in order to provide a valid statement that can assist students to conduct their research. In most scenarios, students lack ample time to compose and come up with custom thesis statement. Some students feel that the task is quite challenging. For those who decide to come up with a custom thesis, they find themselves committing some academic crimes such as plagiarism. Essentially, it is important to consider the problem statement and ensures that all the contentious issues that are to be investigated in the research had been addressed adequately. There are some of major elements that a custom thesis statement must incorporate those include: the scope of the study, the problem statement and the conclusion must be incorporate. Additionally, proper citation must be provided, and a good command of English must be used in the entire writing.
On the contrary, custom dissertation writing is developed after custom thesis statement. Normally, custom dissertations writing require ample time to write them. This is because the writer is required to have a comprehensive understanding and substantial background in the area of writing. Additionally, dissertations are tiresome and time consuming. Therefore, they require a lot of dedication and family support otherwise it may even cost even your health. Normally, custom dissertation writing is done on what has already been said and done. Therefore, challenges arose because one is suppose to develop somebody else ideas of which one may not be having any background   to support those ideas. There are several academic research writing companies which conduct the work of custom dissertation writing on behalf of the students. Whereby, students from various fields of study who do not have time and want to submit their final paper promptly may request for some professional assistance. Students normally pay some service fees as predetermined by the respective firms or upon the price agreed upon between the students and the firm. However, there are some cons and pros that accrue to students who go for these services. Among the cons include the student’s lack an opportunity to learn the skills that the course intended them to learn by personally undertaking the project without any assistance from the third parties. Additionally, the student future responsibility in terms of career application may be affected substantially. This is because students may not be able to apply what they learnt. On the contrary, there are some benefits that accrue some of the benefits include: Students are able to get quality work that enables them to score higher grades and are able to submit their work promptly. Additionally, students do not have to suffer from stress of failure of meeting deadlines. This means that, the benefit of these services outweighs the limitations and hence students should seek for assistance from the professional writers.
Article 2 Custom thesis papers and custom dissertation services
Custom thesis papers are now easier to write and submit to the respective faculties. This is because, custom company services have come to rescue students especially doctorates and masters students who have a strong passion to achieve their desired careers in life. This is because custom dissertation service providers help students who are preoccupied by family issues and work related commitments to write and submit their work on time and hence, achieving their careers in life. There are several firms all over the world that provide custom dissertation services to their clients who come for assistance. Among the firms include; Paper smart, Custom.com among many other companies. Custom.com comprises of a group of highly qualified graduates with knowledge and experience who provide custom dissertation services to PhD and masters students. They provide dissertation writing services in fields like; Medicine, Economics, History, Religion, Management, Politics, Psychology among other diverse fields of study. Professional writers in those companies conduct a comprehensive research and investigation before starting to write about any paper. Writers are able to apply different citations styles depending on the customer needs and specifications provided. Writers in those firms provide custom dissertation service to their customers. However, before submitting any dissertation paper to a client, plagiarism is checked using special plagiarism checking software. Afterward, the paper is edited by the administrations with substantial knowledge and experience in multiple fields. Firms that provide custom dissertation services guarantee confidentiality of in formation to their customers by ensuring that, customer details do not link to the third parties. This is normally done through writing from scratch. Also, this can be through ensuring that custom thesis papers prepared for the customer are not resold to any other customer irrespective of whether their requirements and specification are similar.
Additionally, those firms that provide custom dissertation services work tirelessly towards ensuring that customers need, and wants are met and exceeded. This is normally done by writing a custom thesis papers according to customer specification. Connectively, customers are well linked with the professional writers and hence, communication is assured between the customer and the writers. This means that a customer can be able to clarify issues that seem to be unclear at any time and request for clarifications when it deems necessary. Therefore, customer feel appreciated, and there loyalty is to the respective firms is substantially improved. There are many benefits that a customer may obtain from custom dissertation firms which include; an in-depth investigation of a research topic is provided to a customer. The terms of services are not complicated and hence, customers can abide with those terms without any resistance. This is because those terms are based on the customer’s interest. However, if a customer feels that his or her interest has been infringed by the rules and guidelines stipulated by custom dissertation service firms, one may request for intervention of company administrators. The company administrator may request the customer to air his or her grievances as the administrator listen to them keenly. After careful listening, the administrator may make a suggestion to the customer on the way forward; at this juncture a discussion is made until the customer feel satisfied with the terms of service of the selected firm.
Article 3 Custom thesis writing service and Custom dissertation proposal
Custom thesis writing has not been an easy task for many students because of the pressure at the workload involved in writing such statements. This is because the requirements of making a comprehensive, custom thesis are quite overwhelming to many scholars. The above challenge is not only experienced by masters and doctorates students but also by undergraduate’s student. Professional writers follow some protocol when providing with custom thesis writing services to their clients. They first take into account all the customers details and specifications and analyze them critically by evaluating both sides of the problem. After critical assessment, they choose a general topic which may suit the problem provided by the customer. The topic is narrowed down and pretested to for faults which may arise during the paper writing. Notes are taken as the topic is narrowed down into a certain topic that correlate with customer requirements and specifications. The main reason for taking notes is to ensure a custom thesis writing service is adjusted in a manner that meets customer specification and to prevent making and repeating mistakes. The topic is then tested and refined whereby the writers internally ask themselves some questions such as; whether the topic excite the imaginations of the customer or not. This is normally done by taking into considerations the provided specification in order to prevent running out of topic. Connectively the writers ask themselves whether the topic that has been refined is still too big, too technical, too vague, or too emotional. If the answers are yes, the writers continue adjusting the topic until all the answers to the four questions sound no. At that juncture, the writers continue testing the custom thesis by checking whether there are any empirical studies that have been done in the past by other scholars.
The credibility of the scholars is assessed before deciding to use their materials to support custom thesis of a customer. The custom thesis is finally post examined to see whether it contains the main clause that states the whole idea of the paper. Another way in which custom thesis writing service may be done is by limiting the topic from general into specific. For example, if you want to provide custom thesis service writing on pollution you may first limit this topic into air pollution. The topic may further be limited   into effects of air pollution on human health. The topic may be limited further into better health through fresh air; this may be taken as a final research topic. Once a custom thesis has been identified planning becomes necessary on how the research will be conducted. At this juncture, a custom thesis outline is prepared so that it can guide the research to conduct his or her research. On the other hand, a custom dissertation proposal may be prepared so that it can help the researcher to carryout the dissertation exercise. Custom dissertation proposal should contain all the major elements of an academic proposal. Those elements may include the introductory section that comprises the background of the study, the problem statement, objectives of undertaking the study, and the purpose of the study. Finally, the justifications and limitations of the study should be incorporated in this section. Literature review should be the second section of the custom dissertation proposal, at this section studies done elsewhere are incorporated in custom dissertation proposal. On the methodology section, the research methods to be used are defined and a budget for conducting custom dissertation.
Article 4 Buy thesis and custom dissertation writing services
There is substantial evidence that shows that those students who buy thesis from the professional writing firms perform exceptionally well in their projects compared to those students who may decide to do the projects by themselves. Poor performance by students who decide not to buy thesis from professional writers may be attributed to lack of time to carry out a comprehensive research. Additionally, many students do not have the necessary expertise to conduct research and thus they end up submitting substandard papers to their course instructors. Normally, those papers contain a lot of grammatical errors. In addition to grammatical errors, student fails to acknowledge the owners of a certain piece of idea and hence, committing plagiarism. Plagiarism may be committed either intentionally or unintentionally. Intentional plagiarism may a rise when students copy /paste another person idea without paraphrasing the idea and providing incredible citation behind or before the paraphrased idea. Citing the idea as appropriate as possible may be one of the ways of avoiding intentional plagiarism.
On the contrary, unintentional plagiarism may be committed when students unknowingly fail to acknowledge a certain piece of work included in the dissertation. The above problem may be escalated by failure to cite any piece of the idea that has been provided in the custom dissertation writing service. The aggregate of all the herein stated problems be experienced by students who decide not to buy thesis from professional writing firms. This makes to perform poorly in their final papers. Poor performance may lead to failure to secure a dream job. This is because the job market is very competitive and requires tough minds that can solve both technical and managerial problems that firms are facing. Therefore, poor grades may deny many students a chance to secure a decent job that pays dearly. Additionally, the world has been experiencing dynamism for the last few decades as a result of changes in writing technology. Additionally, many students are so busy to notice those changes especially, when it comes to an academic field. For example, the use of software’s that test plagiarism is one of the innovations that had been made in the field of academic research. Therefore, it become necessary for students who want to achieve the best grades and great careers to buy thesis from professional firms who had specialized in the provision of dissertation writing services. This is because those firms provide high quality services to their clients at a subsidized cost. In addition, those students who buy thesis from custom service firms excel in their education and secure the best careers in life, as opposed to those who decide to undertake the projects by themselves. Therefore, it is advisable for students who want to excel in their academics to buy thesis from the academic research firms. This is because they would never regret in their future career lives. This is because, those firms consist of highly qualified professionals with skill and long many years of writing experience in many academic research areas. This means that those firms can be able to provide dissertation writing services to their clients from any academic background within the stipulated time frame. Therefore, any scholar who may want to present a quality dissertation project to his or her supervisor and has been experiencing difficulties on how to do it. He or she may consult professional, academic research firms for quality dissertation writing services.
Article 5 Buy thesis paper and custom written dissertation
It is essentially fundamental to ensure that before you buy thesis paper from any professional, academic writing firms, the most suitable company should be chosen. This is because there are numerous “professional writing firms” that provide poor quality of written dissertations to their customers for the sake of making money without addressing their clients’ needs. This means that they tend to over-advertise themselves on how they can offer high quality services to their clients. They also tend to claim how well they had been providing non plagiarized work to their clients basing on the past records. These false advertisements make students convinced to buy thesis paper from those firms without knowing that they will end up getting substandard and plagiarized custom written dissertations. Additionally, some students find themselves being summoned by the academic, disciplinary committee for academic malpractices. In addition, some students find themselves being dismissed from their learning institutions for plagiarism and academic malpractices which they did not commit. It becomes a complicated task for students to prove their innocence before academic, disciplinary committee. This makes students fail to achieve their desired careers in life, and they end up becoming social misfits as the society views them as dishonest people. Therefore, students are urged to evaluate the credibility of those companies by checking with reference the previous record and history of those companies. This is vital to assess whether those companies had been providing exceptional quality services to their clients based on the previous records. After identifying the most suitable companies, students should evaluate the charges of buying thesis papers and custom written dissertations from the already identified companies. This is essential because, it help a rational customer to assess which company is cost effective as well as which one provides both quality custom written dissertations at a cost effective price. In connection to this, the government should intervene and legalize professional, academic writing firms so that students are not subjected to some of the problems as discussed herein. These mean that, when those firms are legalized the government will set some quality standards that each company that want to operate as a professional custom writing firm must meet all the stipulated quality provisions. This will help in screening out illegal companies, which can not offer quality services to their clients. The importance of legalizing custom written dissertation and dissertation firms is that, those firms will earn the government some revenues in the form of corporate taxations. This income may be used to promote economic development of an economy. Additionally, when a customer buys thesis papers from those companies the government may earn some additional income through indirect taxation.
The other side of this discussion appertains to custom written dissertation; a dissertation converts a person from being a student to a scholar in the sense that, it requires investment of both time and money. Since many people do not have ample time to come up with a comprehensive written dissertation due to jobs and other family commitments, it becomes prudent to request for assistance from custom writing service firms. It had been reported that, majority to doctorate and master students spend an average of 25 hours per week to write their dissertations. This time is too much as compared to the quality of work a scholar produce by the end of each week. Therefore, it is rational for those people who do not have ample time to seek for custom written dissertation from the credible custom writing firms for better grades.
Article 6 Thesis writing service and buy dissertation
Thesis writing has been a big challenge to many students in institutions of higher running. This is because majority of student do not have relevant background in a certain field of study. This makes it difficult for a student come up with a comprehensive and credible thesis. Additionally, majority of the scholars do not understand the rules and the content of a relevant thesis. A comprehensive thesis should contain the introductory section that should explain the background of the study, the scope of the study, the problem statement, and objectives of the study and the justifications of the study, and purpose of the study. In connection to this, the scholar should indicate areas where such study had been done under literature review. Comprehensive and thorough investigation must be carried out before moving a head to conduct the actual research. Through those challenges that many scholars had been undergoing, it has come to the attention of custom professional writing firms to provide a remedy to these problems. This has led to the emergence of thesis writing services that are provided at a cost depending on the level of study and complexity of thesis. For example, many firms charge higher rates for Doctorates and master thesis as compared for the undergraduate’s thesis. This may be attributed to the complexity of thesis at doctorates and masters’ level as well as the amount of time that is supposed to be invested. Therefore, it becomes easier to buy dissertations rather than doing it personally. Therefore, many scholars find it better to engage in other activities instead of sitting down to work on a dissertation that may turn out to be substandard especially when submitted for approval.
When the dissertation fail to be approved by a supervisor, a scholar may feel stressed after investing a lot of his or her energy and time that could have been used to carry out other productive activities. Therefore, to ovoid regrets and stress, scholars should seek for professional assistance by buying their dissertations from credible custom firms. Just like thesis, a dissertation should contain a dissertation introduction. The introduction should discuss the scope of the study and the background of the study that provides information related to the thesis. Also, it contains the objectives of conducting the study which explain what the research intend to achieve at the end of the study. The justifications of the study that explain why the researcher chose to research on a certain thesis are also included in the introduction. Under chapter two, a dissertation literature review should be provided that explain the empirical studies that had been done by other researchers. Additionally, under this chapter, a conceptual frame work should be provided and highlight the intervening variables that are going to influence the outcomes of the research. Also, both independent and dependent variables should also be discussed in the dissertation under this section. Finally, the methods that are going to be used to conduct the research should be discussed under chapter three of the dissertation. At this point, an explanation on how data is going to be analyzed is made. Therefore, it is vital to know how to write a comprehensive thesis that incorporates all the essential elements on the main body of research. On the contrary, it is important to buy a dissertation especially when a person is preoccupied with other activities. This is because composing a credible dissertation requires a substantial amount of time and resources.
Article 7 Thesis service and buy a dissertation
Thesis services are suitable for scholars who want to perform better in their projects, but do not have ample time to compose their own thesis. Recently, scholars can obtain thesis services from professional firms at a fee as predetermined by the various selling firm. Thesis services have helped many people who could not have acquired degrees to own them. However, it looks ethically wrong to purchase thesis services from professional writing firms. This is because some buyers may feel that their conscious is not clear, and this means that despite fulfilling outer gratifications of wants by achieving the desired careers in life, the inner gratifications still remain injured and unmet. The provision of thesis services by various writing companies may make may compromise the quality of education in the wrong run. This is because thesis services deny students an opportunity to think and solve issues. The services further deny students with an opportunity of becoming creative and innovative in their life. However, despite the limitations of thesis writing services, the services have proved to be of great importance to many scholars who could not have acquired their degrees and academic qualifications. Therefore, thesis services have both positive contributions and negative contributions. On the other hand, buying a dissertation is equally important as seeking for thesis writing services. It is crucial for scholars to assess the credibility of the dissertation selling firms before committing their money to such ventures. This is important because scholars can avoid buying substandard dissertations from incredible firms. Therefore, it is important to carry out a preliminary assessment that includes conducting a feasibility study of the suitability of buying a dissertation from a certain firm. The feasibility study at this juncture may involve screening the selling firms to see whether they had passed the set criteria and predetermined quality standards. After careful screening, the scholar may decide where to buy a dissertation between those companies which had passed the screening test. The scholar should continue to evaluate the companies in terms of provision of quality work is free from plagiarism.
Additionally, scholars should evaluate the cost effectiveness when buying from a certain company after factoring in all the herein assessments. The scholar should go a head and place an order for a dissertation draft from the selected company to see whether the dissertation provided will meet the predetermined standards for a professionally written dissertation. The scholars who want to buy a dissertation may compute the total cost and gauge whether the available financial resources will be adequate to buy a dissertation from the selected firms. If the cost is too high, and the available financial resources may not suffice, client may look for other sources of finance. Some of the areas include borrowing from the financial institutions, selling some preference stocks, or through selling of equity stocks if a student has any of those. If it becomes hard to secure any finances from this, a scholar may use lines of credit to secure some additional cash to buy a dissertation from the respective firms. If all the above fail to work out, a scholar may buy a dissertation from another custom dissertation firm that has lower charges.
Article 8 Buy custom thesis and dissertation to buy
Numerous learning institutions had been against the act of buying of custom thesis. There have been collaborative efforts between the law enforcement agencies and learning institutions. This is meant to ensure those firms that are selling dissertations are closed down. This is because they tend to compromise the quality of education in all over the world by denying students an opportunity of being innovative and creative. There has been a campaign in various parts of the world that aimed at educating the members of the public to report any firm that is offering dissertations to buy to the students. The campaigns were launched in schools, colleges, universities, and even on the streets whereby people were encouraged to report any firm that was operating as custom thesis firm. However, the exercise has been reported to be futile exercises because some of the people who were conducting the campaigns are still the ones involved in the business. Additionally, students failed to corporate with the law enforcement agencies. This is because if those companies were closed down, the students would lack places to buy custom thesis. There are several firms where students and scholars from different spheres of life buy custom thesis for their research project. The firms normally operate openly. It is not a surprise to find distinguished scholars from a reputable university who want to advance their careers going to those firms to buy a dissertation. Buying of the dissertation has been a common practice to many the university professors, students, and other members of academic fraternity. This is because developing a dissertation requires a person to have substantial amount of time and adequate academic materials to substantiate any claim that is being presented in the main body of a dissertation.
Many people may not have all the required academic materials and time to come up with a sound dissertation. Therefore, people opt to buy dissertations from the firms that are providing those services. The availability of firms providing dissertations to buy has enabled many scholars to pursue doctorates and masters degrees programs with ease. This is because if there is some money to buy dissertation, then acquiring such qualification has been made much easier than before. All a student needs is to present the specifications of the dissertation to the professional academic writers and then come back within the greed time to buy a dissertation. After buying the dissertation, a scholar is given ample time to read the whole dissertation and request for any necessary adjustment to be made within the body of the dissertation. The same practice is normally done by a scholar who wants to buy a custom thesis. They first present to the academic professional research writers the specifications that a custom thesis should hold. After this, they then come back as initially agreed to buy a custom thesis. The scholar may read a custom thesis he or she has bought and is allowed to request for any reasonable amendments within the body of a custom. Amendments are made until the customer feel satisfied with the quality of services being rendered. After all transactions and deliberations are over, the scholar may finally present the custom thesis to his or her supervisor for approval.
Article 9 Custom thesis writing and buy dissertation online
Custom thesis writing it has now been made easier than before with the emergence of information technology. This is because the internet provides a rich source of materials for custom thesis writing. Scholars who had been experiencing problems in the past on how to access thesis writing material can now access the materials from the various website in the internet at ease. The automation of learning has made it possible for scholars to access and read books, journal publications, and custom thesis article online without having to go to the private and public libraries to access those books and articles. This has been marked by a significant improvement in the academic arena because learning has become easier than in the ancient times. Additionally, there has been an emergence of online custom thesis writing firms that had been providing substantial support to the scholars who do not have ample time to write their own thesis and dissertations. The procedures to buy dissertation online vary from company to company depending on the protocols that each company has established. However, there are some underlying commonalities on the procedures set by companies to buy dissertation online. Although there are some variations on procedures used to buy dissertation online and thesis, many customers normally choose the most appropriate procedure that they can be able to follow successfully. A customer may start by logging onto a website for a company that he or she thinks is the most appropriate. The customer then identifies a thesis statement that suits his or her specification.
After identifying the most appropriate thesis, a customer may convert the document into a pdf document using his or her own computer. However, if the computer does have pdf converter software the selling firm may help the customer to convert the document into a pdf upon a customer’s prior request. After the document has been converted into a pdf document, a customer may upload the document upon payments of the prescribed charges and after receiving a receipt of payment via email. After all the relevant transactions had been made, a customer may submit custom thesis or dissertation for approval to the supervisor. Once the supervisor has gone through the document and approved it, the student is granted an assurance to graduate. However, if the approval fails especially after the supervisor had evaluated the whole document, the student may be requested to go back to the field to conduct ample research on the topic under investigation. In order to avoid rewriting custom thesis, scholars should carry out a thorough investigation before selecting buying a dissertation online. There are various guidelines for buying dissertation online. Scholars should request for a dissertation draft to carry out an assessment to see whether there is any correlation of the selling firm dissertation and professional dissertation. They should evaluate the credibility of the selling firm services and credibility of writers in that firm to see whether the firm can provide quality work. The credibility of writers may be assessed based on academic qualifications. Additionally, it is crucial to check whether the online selling firm guarantees customers with free revision if it deems necessary. Also, it is advisable to check whether the online selling firm has plagiarism detection software. This specification is critical as it helps to detect plagiarism before the paper is submitted.
Article 10 Article custom dissertation and dissertation help service
The compilation of custom dissertations article had been a big challenge to many students who had no prior exposure for undertakings such projects. Many firms have already emerged to provide students with a remedy to their problems by providing them with professionally written custom dissertation articles at various levels of study. On the other hand, there has been an emergence of companies that provide dissertation help services to their clients who subscribe for dissertation help services via the internet. Some professional academic research firms have established customer help line centers. The help line centers provide their clients with special assistance depending on the clients’ problem. The help line centers are subsidiaries of the parent company that are aimed at assisting students at different levels of study at reasonable charges. Some of the subsidiaries had been segmented to on the basis of education level to cater for clients at different levels of education. Some of the subsidiary caters for high school students, undergraduate’s students, master’s students, and doctorates students respectively. Students who had been experiencing problems can consult the dissertation help service centers for special assistance. The employees in those subsidiaries are professionally trained and well motivated. This means that when a customer subscribe for the dissertation help services, the employees in those subsidiaries are always more than willing to extend the assistance without any discrimination or favoritism. Normally, clients are served on the basis of first come fist served basis. There are enough highly qualified and experienced personnel to serve customers. After a customer has been assisted and feel that he or she need additional dissertation help services, the customer may be requested to pay a harmonized rate that is usually lower than the previous one for the additional service being rendered. Some companies have even established full time responses. In this case, if a client feels that all issues that the dissertation was supposed to address were not adequately addressed, customers are given a chance to request for adjustments. There requested adjustment by a customer is made until the customer become fully satisfied with the quality of services being rendered.
Additionally, dissertation help service firms have established channels through which customers are requested to feel an online questionnaire on how they feel about the quality of service the company is providing. This initiative has been adopted by various dissertation help service companies. In this case, the quality assurance managers of the respective companies can identify areas of continuous improvement. This initiative had been adopted in order to ensure that customers need and wants are being met and exceeded. To ensure that dissertation help services are adequately provided and that customers are satisfied, majority of the companies have started to strengthen communication between customers and their employees in various dissertation help centers. This has been made possible through facilitation of direct communication through telephone, Skype, and other chat channels. Through direct communication, feed back can be obtained. This ensures that there are seamless operations between the client and the dissertation help service canters. In turn, this has facilitated the relationship between companies and the client leading to increase customers’ loyalty. The increase in customer loyalty has further led to a rise in profitability. This is because scholars are always willing to seek for dissertation help services from the company that provide them with high quality services.

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