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cutter aviation

Table of Contents
Background of Cutter Aviation
Cutter Flying Service Inc. was established in 1928, with headquarters located at Albuquerque. William P. Cutter was the founder, and he developed the company to improve the aviation industry. The company managed to overcome the challenges of the Great Depression as well as the Second World War. Air charters were established with big ranches, cities and business areas which were distributed in the South Western towns of the United States. Some of the towns which were being served were Texas, New Mexico as well as Arizona. In addition to offering flight services, Cutter Flying Service also sold aircrafts, provided services in line and fuel and maintaining aircrafts. The United States government had not established strict rules to regulate the aviation industry. This made the company to exploit as many opportunities as possible (Cutter Aviation Website, 2012).
Cutter Aviation was affected by the Second World War to a great extent because most customers and business that provided income were not in operation. The company opted to provide other services to stay in business. The company started training pilots as a strategy to get income. This happened from 1941 to 1945. The pilots were offered training courses about glider operations. This made the U.S. Navy to establish a contract with the Cutter Aviation to train pilots. Cutter Aviation became a Naval Air Training School after the government started the Civilian Pilot Training Program (CPTP). The training was conducted in Albuquerque, West Mesa Airport (Cutter Aviation Website, 2012).
Cutter aviation regained its strength after the end of the Second World War. Most of the Americans started living and working normally, and the company gained more customers. In 1947, the company established business strategy with Beechcraft Aircraft Corporation. The affiliation between the two companies remained for 62 years. Cutter Aviation became well known for aircraft maintenance as well as the sale of aircrafts. Other services that were offered during the post-war period were fuel services, air charter and other services. In 1947 the company transferred its business from West Mesa Airport to Albuquerque International Sunport. Refueling services continued to be offered from West Mesa, but this was terminated in late 1950s (Cutter Aviation Website, 2012).
1n 1959, the company shifted its headquarters to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The company continued offering the sale of aircraft, maintaining and charter services. In 1982, an FBO facility was established in El Paso, TX. By 1988 the company had opened an FBO facility to the southern Phoenix Sky harbor International Airport. All the services offered by the company were consolidated, and the headquarters shifted to the facility. In 1997, Cutter Aviation founded another facility. Deer Valley Airport was opened to improve the expanding business in North Phoenix. In 1998, the company opened Cutter Aviation San Antonio. The Dallas-McKinney (TKI) as well as the Colorado Springs (COS) was established in 2006 (Cutter Aviation Website, 2012).
Cutter Aviation has majored in the business of selling aircraft. The sales of the company have been increasing over the years, and more dealership established. The company established dealership contracts with Piper Aircraft in Texas in 2004. It has also been contracted by Socata Aircraft and Daher-Socata TBM 850 line. HondaJet Southwest was established in 2006. The network of the company offers services to six cities of the Southwest (Cutter Aviation Website, 2012).
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Cutter aviation was established to provide aircraft services. There company majors in the sale of aircraft, maintenance and fuelling services. The company was affected by World War II and the Great Depression. However, the company established a variety of products to offer to the market. This sustained the company during the turbulent economic periods. The company has established various products and has shifted its operations to different towns to capture as many customers as possible.
Cutter Aviation Website (2012).

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