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Document Design

This assignment is based on Chapters 1-6 in your textbook and Modules One to Four in the
online course manual. Read each question carefully to be sure you understand it. Plan your
documents carefully-it might be a wise idea to review the planning hints in Chapter 4 before
writing. For help with formatting, consult Appendix A in your textbook and the excellent
examples in the chapters covered.
1. Document Design: Apply the principles of document design to the following memo to
make it more attractive and readable. Include memo headings in your version. Consider
the tone of the document as well, and don’t hesitate to change anything you think should
be changed. (20 marks)
Here are ideas for my portion of the computer training sessions. I confirmed this
morning the sofiware available in the room with Internet access. Not only is there
Internet access, but there’s also access to presentation software such as
PowerPoint-all on PCs, not Macs. The Intemet session will focus on sending
and receiving email and sending a file as an attachment via email. The class will
meet Wednesday, February 14, 2-4 p.m. The Web session will cover evaluating
websites for accurate, reliable information and how to acknowledge the
information in company reports to clients. The class will meet Wednesday,
February 24, 2-4 p.m. The class for developing computer-generated presentations
will meet February 27, 2-4 p.m. We should send reminders to everyone attending
these classes.
2. Visual Aid: Convert the following information into an appropriate visual aid: As a
Business Communication instructor, you must send the results of each test your students
complete to the Director of the Faculty of Management with a brief comment. Recently
your class completed its second test of the term; it was marked out of 50, and the passing
mark is 35. Of the 14 students, four did extremely well, six passed, and four failed.
Design your visual aid to show what you want the Director to know. As well, in one
sentence at the top of the visual aid, introduce the visual aid.
3. Visit www.better-English.com/vocabulary/busids.htm and complete the interactive online
exercise on business idioms by answering the 20 questions. Suggest fiesher, more
professional alternatives to the words provided. Submit with the two questions above.

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