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Drug abuse

I am specifically interested with the problem of drug abuse and the adverse impact it has had on society. I hypothesize that the problem of drug abuse can be managed or mitigated through the creation of public awareness amongst the youth who are the most vulnerable members of society affected by the scourge.
Drug abuse              will be mitigated by creating awareness                      in society
(Dependent variable)                 (Effect)                                                             (Independent variable)
Operationalized dependent variable: there are various definition attributed to drug abuse based on the perspective from which the vice is viewed. Drug abuse also referred to or known as substance abuse can basically be defined as the sequence of injurious use of any drug or substance that alters the mood of an individual. It is also defined as the use of prohibited drugs or the misuse of prescription or drugs bought over the counter for objectives other than those that were intended or in a way or quantity that exceeds the recommended levels (Abadinsky, 2011).
Operationalized independent variable: Society has been defined by sociologists as individuals who interact in a manner as to share common cultural bonds. Such cultural bonds may be racial or ethnic, pegged on gender, or as a result of shared common values, activities and beliefs. A normal society is comprised of different generations of individuals which include children, youth and the mature generations. The youth age group encompasses individuals aged from 16 to 35 years. This will be the main focus of the study, as they are the most affected group by the scourge of drug abuse (Rossides, 1993).
Operationalized effect: The creation of public awareness is intended to educate the youth on the possible health and legal consequences that they face in light of using and abusing illicit drugs. Creation of awareness is meant to help the young individuals in society to make informed choices before engaging in acts that may constitute drug abuse. As doctors put it, prevention is better than curing (Lowinson, 2005).
The operationalized hypothesis
Despite of the many intervention approaches employed in the fight against the scourge of drug abuse, the most effective approach has been observed to be the creation of awareness amongst the youth. In virtually all societies the youth are the most affected group of population impacted by drug abuse. This study is going to carry out a public awareness campaign with the aim of educating the youth on the hazards involved in the vice of drug and substance abuse. This study intends to come up with programs through which the youth will be educated and counseled on the effects and risks involved in the use of illicit drugs. The awareness campaign is going to target hospitals and rehabilitation centers that receive or deal with cases of drug abuse. The study is also going to target local educational institutions as they provide a platform through which the youth can be reached. The study will include education on drug abuse into the curriculum of the existing educational facilities subject to approval by the relevant educational authorities (Hanson, Venturelli & Fleckenstein, 2009). This study intends to seek assistance from the local law enforcement agencies to shed light and educate the youth on the legal implications if charged with drug abuse. Such programs will help the youth accustom themselves with knowledge about the effects and impacts of drug abuse and the health and legal consequences (Milkman & Wanberg, 2005).


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