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E-Business Assignment 2750 words.
You have been asked to provide consultancy advice by a Senior Director of an online retailer. The company sells high quality clothing to customers in China, India, Kuwait, Ghana and the UK and only operates as an online business – it does not have any shops. The company uses a range of e-business systems to connect to supplies, partners and consumers and as expected with any business keeps electronic records concerning stock and customer data. The Director is very worried that the business needs to comply with the Laws in each of these countries relating to e-business but also that the company operates in an ethical and legal way in terms of its use of data. You need to write a business report advising your client of the issues involved and make recommendations to the Director in order to ensure compliance with the ethical and legal standards relating to their website and its business operations.
The assignment assesses your ability to be articulate, informed and to apply concepts to a real business demonstrating an awareness of the range of issues and factors involved. The business report will be assessed on the basis of:
–    Clear and logical answer structure stating any assumptions that you make
–    Application and understanding of relevant concepts relating to the legal and ethical issues of operating an online business internationally
–    Identification and use and depth of relevant research on laws and ethics to substantiate the discussion
–    Use of real business examples to illustrate the points that you make
–    Justification for statements made (e.g. logical reasoning rather than unsupported statements)
–    Critical appraisal rather than pure description
–    Sensitivity to the context of the problems
–    Suitability of the recommendations proposed
–    Clear title, summary, contents and conclusions
–    Main Text book to be used Chaffey, D. (2009) E-Business and E-Commerce Management: Strategy, Implementation and Practice, 4th Edition, FT Prentice-Hall

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