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ecxecutive memo

From: Mmanagement
To: Executive
SUBJECT : Coca cola Company Mission and Relevance
The purpose of this memorandum is to revise the relevance of our mission statement in regards to providing any necessary changes towards achieving our organizational goals.. Our mission is to refresh and partner with customers, reward stakeholders and impact on our community lives. To achieve this coca cola has six values and behaviors that shape our everyday work. These values are authenticity, excellence, learning, caring for the people, collective performance and winning with our customers (Vault 2002).
Mission vision and plan
The company has put together strategies to ensure our commitment towards the 2020 vision; ensure that our carbon output is reduced by 15% by 2020 as of 2007. The carbon emission is one the main causes of climate change through ozone destruction therefore. Working towards this will ensure the enrichment of peoples` lives   and improved state of the atmosphere by stabilizing the greenhouse gases as recommended by the Kyoto protocol. Sustainable packaging and recycling; we are committed to ensure that our packaging is 100% recycled and reused materials, this is to ensure that the resources for raw materials used for packaging are conserved to ensure sustainability for the future.water is one of the company natural raw materials therefore establishment of water minimization operations is recommended to ensure that we release the equal amount of water used in operations. Product well-being; we are committed to refreshing our customers by ensuring that our beverages match or meet their lifestyle and enable them to make right choices. Diverse and inclusive in culture; our companies are widely spread across countries all over the world, these communities support our business in many ways therefore we create a work force in reflection to these communities so that they fill part of us (Matt, n.d.).
A few changes should be made here and there to ensure the company’s community support to reach the ground in relation to resource management. Water is one of the basic raw materials for the company and so its necessary to do more as far as natural water resource conservation is concerned. When doing this the management should consider some factors (Matt, n.d.).
Consultation: To ensure that the community projects proposed are sustainable, the company should use relevant avenues to ensure that these communities` needs are understood and addressed through this project. Our vision is to ensure that we retain water used in the operations back to the water resource system, to support this the company should consider partnering with the communities in water resource conservation projects such as forest conservation and tree planting (Matt, n.d.).
Future Innovation: It is important to recognize that most successful business organizations and persons are innovators. Technology changes with time therefore collaborating with appropriate partners is the way forward for the future solutions since we cannot do it alone.
Community outreach: Several local companies in different areas of the are committed to serve the communities that support them in terms of appreciation and not just for the business marketing. Most of the support the company does is at the international level and rarely at the national level and the community levels therefore relevant departments must establish ways of which we can impact on the individuals and community lives.
The 2020 play to win strategic framework embodies community trust, consumer relevance and preference. . There is a constant change in beverage environment. The suggested recommendations are important concerning the future preference for our beverages since both recommendations will ensure a constant contact and better relationship with consumers is enhanced. Last but not least as the best beverage providers in the market and truly our products have the biggest market share in terms of customers, we should develop nutrition education programs and consumer assessment programs to enhance healthy living.

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