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Education Philosophy Self Assessment Analysis

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The purpose of this assignment will be to develop an understanding one�s education philosophy values and how this has influenced previous educational decisions. Assignment includes: 
Complete the �Education Philosophy Self Assessment Worksheet� (located in Alexander textbook on pages 18 & 19. 
I upload file name (Alexander textbook on pages 18 & 19) this paper you should answer it and write about it.
Total responses in each column to identify values orientation. Analyze responses: 
What surprised you about the outcomes??What outcomes fit with your belief system??Reflect on an educational decision you have made. How did your decision 
reflect your educational philosophy and values? ?
What did you learn about yourself as an Educational Leader? ?
What might be some next steps in your professional development as a result of the learning from this survey? ?
Write a 2 to 3 page (not including cover page) summary of your analysis. It is permissible to write in first person

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