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Effective Communication Project

Effective Communication Project

Projected project plan

In this project proposal, I plan to investigate the impact of effective communication in a nursing environment. The project will be conducted by collecting both primary and secondary data. The primary data will be collected using questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaires will capture different aspects of communication in a selected sample of practicum site. Secondary data will be collected from books, journals, internet, newspapers and other sources that are relevant to the study.
The barriers to be experienced during the survey process will be analyzed to ensure that adequate measures are developed. The measures will help avoid delays and any other distractions which may hinder effective implementation of the objectives of the project. The barriers will be categorized as potential or real barriers. The potential barriers are those which are expected, while the real barriers are those which will be experienced in the field.
The next stage will be to develop promotional strategies. These will be the strategies of mobilizing the respondents to participate in the data collection process. In addition, this stage will also involve mobilizing professionals to assist in the data collection process. The management of the organization where the survey will be conducted will be contacted. The management will help acquire important resources which may be required during the research process. In addition, the management will help develop compliance strategies to avoid conflicts with the stakeholders of the organization.
After conducting the project, the team will make follow-up to check whether the management has implemented the recommendations established in the project. The team will be collecting feedback from the stakeholders of the organization regularly to ensure that all recommendations are enacted. In addition, the management will be trained to handle the new changes in the organization. All stakeholders will be informed of the findings of the project, and the organization will be provided with guidelines on how to implement the recommendations.
Leadership Practicum Project Plan

Project Objectives
Evaluation Methods

To learn new ideas about communication in a nursing environment

Read widely, consult teachers, hold discussion with class mates and search more information from internet.
Identify new ideas gained.
Identify the impact of effective communication to the management team

Investigate the legal aspects that affect effective communication in the practicum site

Interact with legal experts to advise on legal aspects affecting communication strategies in any organization
Identify the legal provisions about effective communication in any organization.

To examine the measures put by the management to enhance effective communication in the organization

Interact with the management team.
Conduct interviews with the management and other staff members.
Conduct interviews
Use questionnaires to collect important data
Make tape recordings of the communication with all stakeholders of the organization

Proposed project

In this course, I plan to conduct a survey on effective communication in a practicum site. Effective communication is important in any nursing set up. There is need to create a good environment which encourages all members to communicate effectively. When communication is not effective in a nursing environment, various accidents can be made. Some of these accidents may be life-threatening. It is important to encourage all staff and stakeholders to communicate all information required in a nursing environment (Lattimer, 2011).
The project will be conducted to establish the aspect of effective communication. Barriers to communication will be identified, and the implementation strategies developed to ensure that all recommendations are put into action. Proper follow-up will be done to ensure that the recommendations are implemented. This will help to alleviate the problem of ineffective communication in the organization.

Potential/real barriers

Poor communication among the staff members is the real barrier at the practicum site. There is no effective flow of communication among the members of the organization. The junior and senior members of the organization cannot communicate effectively (Gardezi, Lingard, Espin, Whyte, Orser & Baker, 2009). In addition, there are barriers of communication between the organization and the other stakeholders. This restricts some members of the staff from communicating important information (Klenk & Hickey, 2010). It is evident that the members of the organization have poor listening skills. The staffs do not pay attention to what is being said by their colleague. This leads to misinterpretation of information. Various accidents have occurred due to poor listening of the employees. It is through listening that people decode the intended messages. If the message is decoded poorly, the interpretation will be different from the intended meaning that was encoded by the sender of the message. Lack of involvement is another aspect that has affected the people in the practicum site. Most people are passive, and they are not involved in the communication process. This has brought about the habit of getting less attention to very important information in the organization. The staffs are not involved in the communication processes by the management team. The use of nonverbal signs also hinders effective communication. In most cases, people cannot get the correct meaning when nonverbal signs are applied. It is also efficient that there are many distractions in the practicum site. The place is noisy, and this causes a lot of distractions when people are communicating. There many activities involved in the practicum site, and this distracts people from communicating effectively. It is also evident that disagreements occur during the communication process. This causes the speaker to shut-off their minds (Brinkert, 2011).
Other potential barriers are inadequate financial resources to run the practicum effectively. Installing some communication facilities in the organization has been hindered by lack of funds. This has resulted into use of ineffective and inefficient methods of communication.
Political interference is another potential barrier that may affect the practicums site. The organization is subject to political interference, and this may affect effective implementation of strategies. In addition, legal barriers are likely to affect the organization in that the laws have prohibited the performance of certain activities. The laws may affect the organization, especially when activities of the organization contravene the provisions of the law (Casey & Wallis, 2011).
Cultural differences also cause a lot of barriers to effective communication. Culture defines believes, values and the attitudes that people from a given area have in common. These cultures determine the communication strategies adopted by people of certain community. The experiences that a person has determine the manner in which they decode and encode information. Culture is attached to the meaning that is developed by a person when they receive encoded information. Therefore, culture is a major aspect that affects the communication strategies in a nursing set up. When people from different cultural environments work together, there are conflicts which are experienced. This is as a result of difference interpretations of information that is received (Joule, Girandola & Bernard, 2007).

Promotional activities

To mobilize the participants, flyers will be used to get the attention of different staff members. The research team will liaise with the financial department to attach the flyers to the paychecks of the staff members. This will help capture the attention of all staff members. This activity will be done 2 weeks before the survey starts. The management team will be requested to remind the staff members about the survey event. The management should remind the staff periodically, 2 weeks prior to the educational event.
There will be a raffle prize to the participants. A gift card worth $25.00 will be issued to the winning participants. This strategy has been embraced to encourage as many staff members as possible to participate in the event. Through this strategy, many staff members will be willing to be part of the survey process.

Continuation of project

There is need to reevaluate the project after it is complete. The management team and the staff members will evaluate their communication skills after some time. This will help identify whether the project had any impact to the organization. Appropriate feedback systems will be established to collect data about the achievements made by the organization after the implementation of the project (Brinkert, 2011).
Follow-up questionnaires will be designed to collect data about the effectiveness of the project. The reevaluation process will be conducted after 4 to 6 months, after the original survey time. This process will help determine whether there is improvement in communication within the organization. In addition, the process will determine whether the situation has remained the same, or there is deterioration. This survey process will help provide a guide to all initiatives to be introduced in the organization. The leadership team will have adequate information on how to introduce appropriate strategies of communicating with their subordinates. Any new developments will be easy to manipulate to fit the organization’s requirements (Brinkert, 2011).


Using a scale of 1-10, kindly provide a rate of how effective communication is embraced in the organization, based on the following measures. A rate of 1 show that the organization does not have effective communication; while a rate of 10 shows that the organization is very effective in communication. Tick where appropriate.


The staff members speak in a way that everybody can understand?

The staffs make eye contact while communicating with each other.

The staff members actively listen to each other while communicating.

Members provide answers which are relevant when they are asked questions.

The staffs are attentive to each other when communicating

Members take enough time while addressing issues of their colleagues during the communication process.

The organization has created a good communication environment for all stakeholders.

The leaders give all details pertaining all aspects of communication

There are few bureaucracies in the process of communication

Junior staff can communicate freely with the senior staff of the organization

The staff members involved in the communication process with the management team

The use of non-verbal signs is predominant in the organization

There are many distractions in the organizations which affect effective communication

Arguments occur during the communication process, and this shuts-off the speaker

The management is willing to implement strategies to improve communication process in the organization


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