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Environment and Health

Environment and Health
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Requirements: 1. 400 words commentary, contents must be original and by individual effort 400 words plus or minus 10%. Please add a word count at the end of your commentary. There will not be a penalty for exceeding the limit, but words beyond the limit will not be considered. 2. base on article in newspaper/magazine/journal, published in 2012 to now 3. remember to focus on environmental health, i.e. not just any environment-related issue, must relative to health as well. 4. attach original article to your commentary Guidelines: 1. do not repeat what is in the article 2. make use of what you learned from the class 3. share how the issue relates to you personally 4. for a case report type article, comment on how the problem came about, i.e. deep-rooted reasons that the article may not have covered what was done right, what was done wrong what should have been done, or should be done now how is it related to Hong Kong (or your home country UK or China) 5. for a research findings type article, comment on how the new findings may change environmental health potential implications or applications for Hong Kong (or your home country)

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