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Euthanasia is an adopted word from Greek and refers to pleasant death, it has been used in the field of medicine to refer to merciful killing .euthanasia is further divided into direct and indirect euthanasia. Direct euthanasia is a case where by the doctor concern my inject a lethal drug to a patient under a lot of pain and suffering from an incurable disease just to end his or her pain. While indirect euthanasia refers to a case where a patient in unbearable pain and suffering from incurable disease is given the drug and inject him or herself to die.
In some of the countries the court has allowed the termination of someone’s life in case the patient is unbearable pain and seems to have some hope of survival. This is otherwise only applicable in case where the court upholds the rights such as relating to marriages, procreation, child rearing and the termination or refusal to end life. (Washington, 1997)
In so many instances when a patient suffers from a deadly disease such as brain cancer and is experiencing an unbearable pain and already the physician has declared that that patient cannot heal, then these patients keep on calling the doctors to come and assist them die in good faith to end the much pain in them. (Faye, 2001)
To some extent government has being left out to be the only body that tends to determine the fate of its subjects. According to los Angeles times May 22 (2005) the government should at least allow other bodies in the making decision especially relating to the when termination of patients life especially their loved ones. It is illegal for some of the countries to allow the euthanasia of the infants born with the disabilities. This means that any child born in disability has no right to live .This is a very wrong implication to the society according to Stephen, (2003)
There are also some ill decisions that are made against the patients. This is in many cases where the loved ones as well as the government tend to prefer the assisted death to save much money that might have been used in the treatment of the patient. According to Mathew (1998) despite the American government trying to modernize the equipment and drugs needed in the treatment of various diseases it still remained clear that the cost incurred in the death assisted drugs remained much cheaper than all other methods that would be preferred in treatment, hence this may leave the government with much preference on the death assisted option. The use of the euthanasia has been prejudiced in some instances. According to Ganzini ( 2004) there were some discrimination among the poor in the United States of America. Many people from the minorities and the poor were seen to have had assisted death.
It is of great importance to honour someone’s living will in that they make that will in good consent and without bias. Some people would like it better if they get sick one day and be put in a life support machine be withdrawn from it and left to die as their life will (Valentine, 2005).
So many churches believe that life is the most precious thing that God gave man and should therefore be protected until naturally taken by God himself. The catholic leaders and moral teachers believe that no one should have any dominion over life apart from God this is according to (United States conference of catholic bishops 1991)

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