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“Every Mom’s Test” Poetry

“Every Mom’s Test” Poetry ESSAY!!
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Poetry ESSAY – This is a requirement, so be dutiful and professional as a writer, and be thoughtful about your readers. The assignment is to compose a detailed,
documented argumentative essay based on a poem of your own choosing. You are expected to come up with original, relevant, revealing ideas about the poem.
You may feel free to write about the poem as a whole, or you can concentrate your efforts on one part of the poem (e.g., the meaning of the structure, how literary
devices aid thematic development, the role of the speaker, and so forth). You should be aware that merely explaining the meaning of a poem when it is readily apparent
to readers is the equivalent of providing plot summary in the fiction essay. It might be slightly helpful on rare occasions, but it must not be the focus of your
essay. Simply composing an essay where you conversationally translate the poem will be a meaningless endeavor that does not meet the parameters of this assignment and
will not be acceptable. You must write an argumentative essay about the poem you have chosen. For most people, this will involve analysis related to an interpretation
of the poem or a part of the poem as well as accompanying primary and secondary support.You must include relevant quotations from the poem upon which your essay is
based and must use at least two credible, authoritative outside sources. Please keep quotation length to a minimum ? block quotes should probably be avoided except in
the rarest situations.
Every Mom’s Test
You are special; you mean the world to me
You are my daughter, a reflection of my entity
Every year, as I watch you grow by my side
No matter what you do, you are my source of pride
The umbilical cord may have been cut, but you should know
You are still bound to my soul, wherever you go
Sometimes I am firm and you may think I am wrong
Remember it is easy to give in, but tough to be strong
Sometimes I am strict and you may think it is unfair
But I correct you only because I love and care
I harden my heart and nag, scold and fight
To teach you the difference between the wrong and the right
For soon, the days will pass swiftly all in a whirl
And into a woman will grow my baby girl
Tomorrow when you need inner strength above all
I hope my values will give you the courage to stand tall
I hope that in my teaching you will find tips few
Soon when you strive to make your dreams come true
At a later date, when the real world you have to face
Today’s lessons will help you go ahead in the race
Some day in the future when a mother you will be
From my point of view, the world you will see
For your baby then you will do what is best
To blend discipline with kindness is every mom’s test

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