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Examples of an inspirational essay to a high school graduate

1) Examples of an inspirational essay to a high school graduate
When I graduated from high school, my parents were not able to take to college. I cannot blame them for this since they did not have any means to support me through college education. In fact, I can say that my parents had a great passion towards education. This is because I could see them toil to ensure that my siblings and I got to school. Having been born from a poor background, I knew that I was not going to enjoy some of the basic requirements in my schooling. For instance, we did not have a home library to use for our studies back at home. Nonetheless, I had to form friendship with some of my friends who had a home library so that we could study together during weekends and holidays. This proved to be a nice move as I was able to maintain good performance in school.
After high school graduation, I took to doing odd jobs to get life moving. I started to collect recyclable materials and sell them to the industries that specialized in green technology. I though that this was a good move since I was able to make a living and help improve the environment. In my high school days, I was very fond of environmental science. I promised myself that I should do something once I graduate. So, I enjoyed what I was doing. As time lapsed, I managed to gather enough capital to start my own firm that specializes in recycling. This has enabled me to earn carbon credit from the government and boost my business. I hope this story has been inspirational to all of you who have just graduated from high school.
2) Examples of challenges in a work environment
The modern work environment is characterized with great diversity. In this regard, there are numerous challenges that can be noted within the work place. This is because individuals who come to work must embrace diversity and appreciate the differences that characterize the work environment. Everyone in the work place is equal and should be treated with dignity irrespective of race, culture, nationality, religion, disabilities, and social class among other aspects that define human differences. The issue of diversity in the work place is a great challenge because the different people working in an organization have to ensure that the organization effectively achieves its goals.
As a manager in an organization, there are several challenges that should be addressed to ensure the success of the organization. The manager has the challenge of ensuring that the organization achieves its min objective. Every organization has its objective, and it is the duty of the manager to ensure that this is achieved. The manager should also ensure that he or she brings out the best from the workers. This will ensure the effective achievement of the organizational goals. The managers have also to deal with the underperforming workers. This may call for understanding of the motivational factors that affect employee performance.
The manager has also to devise a way of dealing with the most productive workers. This calls for a reward system that is satisfying. The manager has also to ensure that he hires the rightful individuals in the organization to guarantee success. Dealing with a crisis will also prove critical to the manager as composure is necessary in such situations. The manager has also to ensure that the organization maintains its momentum of success. In this case, the organization has to maintain and sustain its growing trend.
3) Examples of college level essays about Isaac newton
Isaac Newton is regarded as one of the greatest scientists that ever lived. He was born in the year 1642 and died in the year 1727. He is said to have developed numerous scientific concepts that changed the scientific realm in a great way. However, there are some of his discoveries that put him into fame within the scientific world. He attended Trinity College, Cambridge in the year 1661 to pursue his education ambitions. Here, he engaged in the publication of various books that contained methods of approaching infinite series. This brought him to the limelight and he was made the chair of the mathematics community.
In the year 1666, he came up with famous scientific discoveries. He came up with a theory in the study of lights which was very interesting. In his argument, he asserted that light was composed of various colors that could be split by a prism. He argued that, when these colors are split, they form what he referred to as a spectrum. This was one of his greatest discoveries in optics. Apart from the advances in optics, he established a binomial theorem. He also established the procedure of calculating the slope of the curve, as well as the area under these curves. This formed the foundation of what is referred to as calculus.
What stands out as his main discovery in science is the concept of gravity. This is the most intriguing work that was done by Isaac. He asserted that there was a force of attraction that was responsible for holding objects in space. This force was also responsible for drawing falling objects towards the earth. These discoveries made him one of the greatest scientists that ever lived.
4) Examples of college level short story
5) Examples of essays
There are various types of essays. However, four categories of essays can be identified. This includes narrations, descriptive essays, expository essays and argumentative essays. Each these categories have their own objectives including telling a story, describing something, and presenting perspectives.
The narrative essays are those essays that tell a story from a given perspective. More often than not, the story telling is backed by a certain reason. Such essays are known to be having certain attributes like a context, plot, climax, and characters. When writing such essays, one should ensure that sensor and emotional aspects are incorporated. The essay should also be supportive of the argument being presented by the narrator. Also, these essays are normally written in the first or third person. Descriptive essays often describe traits and characteristics of individuals, objects, and events among other aspects focusing on bringing out all the details. The essence is to ensure that the subject being described is meticulously examined. In writing a descriptive essay, the reader’s senses and emotions got to be involved. This ensures that the readers feel being part of the whole event being described.
On the other hand, there are the expository essays which compare, explore and discuss issues. Such essays provide information on several topics. Essentially, these essays inform, describe, and explain a phenomenon. Such essays should be straight t the point and easily understandable. They should also provide various perspectives on an issue. The argumentative essays try to convince the reader through elaboration of the truth or falsehood of a topic. The author backs his or her argument with substantive evidence to convince the reader. In this case, the author is not just giving out opinions, but substantiated arguments.
6) Examples of essays of a pharmacist technician
Pharmacy technicians are individuals who are employed to work at a pharmacist, but in the technical areas. The main work description of these individuals centers on handling of drugs. However, they do not come in close contact with the patients. Essentially, these individuals are mainly tasked with the counting of the medication. They also play a critical part in bringing the drugs to the floor or pass them to the nurses. They work in a high intensity environment since every employee is focused on avoiding messing up with the drugs. For these individuals to be effective, they have to enjoy what they do. This is because their job comes with a lot of challenges.
There are times when these workers do their job religiously only to be told that it was all in vain. For instance, when these employees accomplish the counting of the drugs and preparing the drugs, the pharmacist can come and tell them that the order was annulled. This may bring a lot of disappointment to the technician. More often than not, these employees do not have contact with the patient. This can be demotivating to some of the individuals working as technicians. Such individuals will then have to enroll into colleges to gain qualification that guarantee them contact with the patients.
It has to be noted that working as a pharmacy technician is a daunting task. This is because the individuals employed in this industry must be extra careful when handling the medication. This is because any mess can endanger the patient’s life. Therefore, it is essential to observe extra care when handling drugs to avoid any mix up that can result in a mishap.
7) Examples of feminist criticism assignment
                Feminism is a concept that sought to empower women who had for a long time been regarded as second class citizens. However, there are a lot of published literatures that seem to expound the theme of feminism criticism. Grimm, Jacob and Whelan came up with “Cinderella” which expounds on the theme of feminist criticism. In this piece of fairy tale, Prince Charming was to marry a beautiful girl selected from many other village girls. This “lucky” girl would, in return, get wealth, fame, and royalty in exchange for their astounding beauty.
In this book, women have been portrayed as people who can only be admired for their beauty. Therefore, the females must ensure that they are attractive and beautiful. In this case, physical appearance took center stage. The Prince uses his title to get the most beautiful girl for marriage. On her part, the girl was a modest girl in the village who was not spared with the toils of the day. However, her beauty came in handy to make the coveted bride. In this respect, women are portrayed as individuals who use their beauty and femininity to get what they want in life. On the other hand, men are portrayed as using their statuses in the society to get what is best for them.
In this respect, the book works against the tenets advanced by feminists aimed at empowering the women fraternity. In this book, those women who were not very beautiful are seen working to enhance their beauty so as to entice men. Women were also expected to be passive whereas the men were expected to be aggressive. Therefore, this book can be taken as one of the best criticism to feminism.
8) Examples of happy events
Events are very important in human life. Nonetheless, events come in two folds: sad and happy events. Each of the categories is composed of various aspects that fall under it. This paper shall focus on some of the happy events in the lives of individuals. In this respect, certain events such as birthday celebrations can be regarded as bringing a lot of joy to individuals. Also, family gatherings may be some of the most memorable events in lives of individuals.
Certain social events at school such as awards and parties can be very enjoyable. The individual may live to remember the fond memories that came with such events. Other things that can be memorable in individuals’ lives include good friends who provide nice company to the individuals. These are friends who are there when most needed and offers support in time of sorrow. In addition, trips can be very interesting in an individual’s life. Trips can be accomplished in the company of friends, schoolmates, and club members among other social groups. Such an event can be thrilling to an individual as it can be adventurous to the individual.
The birth of a sibling can be an interesting event in an individual’s life. In this case, when one gets a brother or a sister it irreversibly alters one’s life positively. Another joyous moment in one’s life can be related to something nice that a friend has done. This can be a word of encouragement during the trying moments, when someone expresses some trust in your abilities, and a show of kindness from a friend among other aspects. Last but not least, changing environment can bring happiness to an individual. In this regard, an individual may change school, house, or country can inspire someone into achieving great things in life.
9) Examples of high school career papers
Careers are critical in everyone’s life. These are aspects that define the livelihood of an individual. Therefore, it is essential for each one of us to be keen while choosing our life careers. Careers can be chosen earlier in life or when one reaches a certain stage in life. In this regard, career choice is influenced by various factors. Career choice can be affected by role models in one’s life. Role models can be those individuals who are regarded as important in one’s life. Therefore, the role models can include the parents, accomplished sportsmen, movie stars, renowned leaders, and outstanding professionals among other individuals in the society.
In choosing one’s career, it is important to have self-drive that inspires one to become what he wants in life. Lack of self-drive can lead someone into choosing a career that he or she will never enjoy. Career choice is very critical as it defines the future of an individual. One can get inspired by the role models in choosing a career or may be motivated by his or her personal interest in life. Personal interest can develop from what one is taught in school. In this respect, when one graduates from high school, he or she should be able to identify what he or she wants in life.
In fact, most individuals get to know what they want in life after high school graduation. This is because the high school education prepares an individual into defining what he or she wants in life. Therefore, once an individual graduates from high school, he or she hopes to join college and pursue his or her dream career. In this respect, it can be argued that high school is the take off stage for career development.
10) Examples of high school leadership
Leadership is a critical aspect in any human society. Leadership can be defined as the concept of influencing others. It can be asserted that leadership is critical for the effective functioning of any group of individuals or organization. Leadership provides direction that is beneficial to others. For instance, when faced with a crisis, good leadership works to resolve the issue in an amicable way. Therefore, it can be argued that leadership strives to ensure that there is smooth running of the organization. It also ensures that an organization has a position on critical matters of concern.
For the case of high school leadership, this can be portrayed through pragmatic actions that aim at providing a direction to critical issues. An example of this is when an environmental conservancy club initiates activities aimed at ensuring that the environment is clean. In this case, members of the club can make initiatives that are geared towards ensuring that the environment is clean. This can be achieved through campaigns to ensure that all members of the school are aware of environmental friendly practices.
The environmental club can achieve its objective by engaging in practical environmental cleaning exercises. This will include putting up dust bins at different locations within the school. They can also liaise with companies that engage in recycling technologies and provide them with recyclable materials from the waste collected in school. This can be taken as a leadership aspect from the students in ensuring that the environment is clean. This is because students at the school will look upon their counterparts from the environment club on matters of environmental sustainability. In this case, the members of the environmental club can be regarded as leaders on environmental matters at the school.
11) Examples of high school leadership curriculum
High school leadership curriculum is essential elements that must be embraced in the modern days. In Washing, schools have established a student leadership curriculum that aims at ensuring that high school students are mentored with appropriate skills in the leadership realm. This curriculum covers various aspects including communication skills, group processes, managerial skills, self awareness, and human relations skills.
12) Examples of high school scholarship essays
13) Examples of infatuation love
Love describes an affectionate relationship that may exist between two individuals. Love can be categorized into two: infatuation and actual love. This paper shall focus on infatuation love. This is a scenario that happens during the formative stages of a relationship. During this time, an individual holds the belief that the other person in the relationship is the perfect one and cannot be replaced. The individual looks at his or her partner as the most perfect in their union. There is a lot of excitement that can be associated with the thoughts about the other partner.
I have been a victim of this situation. I was barely sixteen when I first met my girl friend. When I met her, I was first attracted to her long, curly hair. My heart pounded and I wanted to tell her what I was feeling. I could not imagine how fast I had been attracted to her. She was so beautiful. I was shy, and did not have the guts to tell her about y feelings. Nervousness got the better part of me and I could no explain my self. Nonetheless, I gathered courage and approached her, and things were not as bad as I had anticipated. She agreed to be my girl friend and we started going out together.
To me, she was very perfect and I could not see anything wrong with her. When she was not in my company, I could feel very sad and feel that I was missing her very much. However, six months into the relationship things begun to change. I started feeling that I needed some time on my own, but now she was very serious and wanted to be with me all the time. Nonetheless, I still love her and care so much about her.
14) Examples of majority rule in lord of the flies
15) Examples of progress report research paper on literary analysis
This paper provides a progress research paper on the short story entitled “Flowers for Algernon”. Charlie visits the Warren State Home, and he does not like it at all. He hopes to leave the institution and spend his life with family members. The physical condition of Algernon and the intellectual deterioration motivates Charlie to wind up his study before his deterioration begins. He goes to the laboratory and terminates his association with Fay. In this respect, Charlie becomes a study object; a concept he has been fighting all the time.
His loneliness is exacerbated by the notion that his interaction with fellow humans is characterized with hostility. During one of the parties that were organized by professor Nemur and his wife, Charlie is defiant against his “creator” asserting that he has always been a human being. He notes that there s nothing concrete in having intelligence without a human face.
When Algernon passes away, Charlie buries him. He still has confidence in his abilities and he takes off to visit his mother. All he wants is to impress his mother and assure her that he is very smart. Charlie discovers that things have changed a great deal. His mother has become senile and is living with his sister, Norma. Norma comes home to the discomfort of Charlie, and her memory of their childhood experiences is also faded. Nonetheless, Norma believed that her memories about dream were essential in helping Charlie discover himself. All over a sudden, Charlie’s mother appears with a knife threating him to leave her daughter alone. Charlie is forced to leave before revealing to his sister that his evolution was only momentary.
16) Examples of research papers
Research papers aspire to bring out information through research. An example can be a research established to examine the impacts of short-term food deprivation on cognitive abilities. In this study, two cognitive abilities shall be tested including concentration and perseverance. High school students were the main participants in the study. They were tested on both the concentration task as well as the perseverance task. This was done after a period of food deprivation. This was done at three levels including after no food deprivation, a 12 hour food deprivation, and a 24 hour food deprivation.
The group in which there was no food deprivation was used as the control group in the study. There were two hypotheses for the study. In the first hypothesis, it was asserted that food deprivation would have a negative effect on the concentration scores and perseverance time of the students. On the other hand, it was also hypothesized that food deprivation did not have a considerable effect on the concentration scores and perseverance time.
Those who took part in the 12 hour deprivation study were discovered to spend little time on the perseverance task than those in the control and 24 hour groups. This suggested that short-term deprivation may have an impact on some of elements of cognition, but not all. In this respect, it can be asserted that a person can still concentrate even after failing to eat for a long time. Also, it was discovered that long working hours that require perseverance may be negatively affected by failing to eat. This research study is critical in understanding the benefits and disadvantages that come with skipping meals. The results indicate that a lot can be learnt from short-term meal deprivation.
17) Examples of romanticism in the fall of the house of usher
18) Exclusion clause assignment
19) Exclusion clause law essay sample
20) Exclusion clauses in college contract

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