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Final Impression of the Practicum Site

Greatest lesson learned

I have learnt that transformational leadership is an essential skill that can be applied in achieving the goals and objectives of an organization. Through transformational leadership, an individual has the obligation to change the environment they are living in to facilitate the achievement of goals. As such, a leader has the obligation to motivate the followers, communicate effectively and deliver all required resources. I have also learnt that, in the nursing profession, leadership is a fundamental aspect because it helps improve the services delivered to patients. Failure to develop exceptional leadership skills may be a threat to patients and the nurses. Therefore, leaders must collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders to ensure that services are delivered accordingly.

Observations/personal impressions about leader/manager situations

The practicum site lacked appropriate leadership aspects because all the people at the site could not communicate effectively. There were a lot of communication gaps among all the individuals at the site. This was caused by poor listening skills, poor encoding of information, and ineffective delivery of information. This aspect could cause misunderstanding among various individuals at the practicum site. In some cases, conflicts would be developed because there was poor communication.

Leadership skills you used and your preceptor used

At the practicum, I applied the skills of influencing all the people at the site to achieve the goals which have been set by the stakeholders. As such, I was able to influence my fellow colleagues to improve their communication with each other and the patients. This was achieved by improving the listening skills, avoiding creating noise at the practicum site and delivering information in the correct way. This has made communication at the practicum site to be improved, and all the stakeholders can communicate effectively.

Reflection on your response to leadership situations observed

I have learnt that leadership is acquired, and not an inborn character. People develop leadership skills by interacting with other people, learning in schools or by participating in various events. The practicum site requires effective communication among the individuals working there. Communication is a crucial aspect in any nursing environment. Ineffective communication in such an environment can create a lot of risks and dangers to patients, nurses and other people. Therefore, creating effective communication at the practicum site is necessary to help reduce such risks.

Reflection on own leader/manager skills that need developing

I need to improve the skills of influencing others to achieve the goals that have been set by an organization. It has come to my attention that there is the need to understand the needs of the people we work together. This will help influence them without causing any conflicts. In addition, I need to improve my communication skills. I found that I am lacking the skills of communicating effectively with all the stakeholders of the practicum site. This hindered me from getting all the information required to learn the environment at the practicum site. Therefore, there is n3eed to develop appropriate leadership skills by interacting with all stakeholders.

To what extent did you meet your practicum goal(s)

I have achieved the goals of the practicum to a great extent. This can be explained by the transformation leadership skills I applied at the practicum. After working in the practicum, I managed to developed new strategies of improving the environment. For instance, I have learnt that in achieving the goals of an organization, it is important to influence people. In addition, I have learnt that leaders have the responsibility to manipulate the resources of an organization to achieve the goals and objectives of an organization.

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