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For an organization that you know well

Assignment Question: For an organization that you know well (e.g., the organization, where you are currently employed or for which you worked in the past), using the relevant concepts, theories and models introduced in the module, describe one person who could be called a leader and analyse how effective this person’s leadership is and why it is effective. Further Guidance for the Student Learning Aims The purpose of the assignment is to help the student to • internalise the concepts and • develop the ability to critically apply them in practice Content The assignment should 1. begin with a brief introduction outlining the aims and the structure of the assignment; 2. provide an informative overview of the organisation, including the relevant characteristics such as industry, location, size, and age; 3. identify the person who is a member of this organization and, in your opinion, could be called a leader and explain what makes this person a leader; 4. analyse whether this person’s leadersh
Study Books Used in Class:
Org. behavior
*critical writing experience is a must.
* 70% literature discussion involving academic arguments
* Need deep knowledge on the assignment topic
* Without having above knowledge/criteria, will be a lose for both parties.
Please see attached word file with my comments for this assignment. Thanks
Please see the theoretic assignment writing style. Though the assignment question is not the same but you can find how they argued with theory and small scale descriptive writing with reference to answer the question.

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