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**Each Question must be at least 1 page long** Please refer to attached document for questions and extra credit question.. 
*** For Question number 2 it will be Me, My mother and my father, all 3 of us have the ability to roll our tongues. i will insert the pictures myself after the paper has been completed. please feel free to call me if you have any questions.**
Answer ALL FOUR (4) QUESTIONS by writing an essay for each of them. The write-up should be typed in Times New Roman Font, 12 pt., single-spaced. You do not need a cover page. You will need to include references where appropriate and you may write as much as you would like. Your essays should reflect the reasoning strategies that you followed to resolve these problems and should be written in your own words. They should be accurate and written at the level that the topics were discussed in class. To receive full credit, you must use all of the appropriate terms and concepts in your answer. You will also be graded on your writing (spelling, grammar, clarity etc.), so be sure to proofread. You can use any resource EXCEPT other people. Each question is worth 20 points and the remaining 20 points will be based on the writing and references.
These essays are due during midterms on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 3:00 PM and MUST be submitted to turnitin.com PRIOR to turning in the print-out in class. Essays not submitted to turnitin.com will not be accepted.
Question 1: Hemophilia is an X-linked recessive trait in humans. Long fingers is an autosomal dominant trait. Jane has normal fingers and normal blood. Her mother is normal in all respects, but her father has hemophilia and long fingers. Bill has hemophilia and long fingers. His mother has normal blood and normal fingers. If Bill and Jane have two children, what is the probability that both children will be girls that have hemophilia and normal fingers?
Question 2: Create a pedigree with as many members of your family as possible (including pictures). The trait that you will be diagraming is tongue rolling. 
a. BASED ON YOUR PEDIGREE, how is tongue rolling inherited? Explain how you determined this. 
b. Determine the genotypes for as many members of your family as possible and explain how you determined it.
c. Does your mechanism of inheritance agree with research that you conducted regarding the genetics of tongue rolling? Explain.
Question 3: A breeder of orange trees begins to assemble a genetic map based on three recessive loci- reddish, sour and petite – named after the fruit phenotypes of homozygotes. The breeder conducts a 3-point test cross. Based on the following frequencies of mutant classes, create a genetic map of the genes by determining the order of the genes and calculating the map distances between the genes. Be sure to include the genotypes for each offspring as well as the original parents. You may use drawings to demonstrate how you determined the answer; however, everything must be explained in words.
Phenotypes Number of trees
Normal 402
Sour 39
Reddish and petite 42
Sour and petite 8
Reddish and sour 24
Petite 18
Reddish, sour, petite 320
Reddish 5
Question 4: Attached is a bacterial DNA sequence. Your job is to transcribe the gene. You must explain how you transcribed the gene step by step, as it would happen in the cell, including the enzymes involved. You must also explain how the template was chosen, the direction of the template and the newly synthesized strand. Each step – Initiation, elongation, and termination must be explained in the context of how you are actually transcribing the given sequence. Be sure to include the final transcript in your answer.
Extra credit: Translate the mRNA from Question 4 into a protein sequence. Be sure to identify the Shine delgarno sequence, the start and the stop codons and briefly explain the steps you took to translate the sequence. Label the N and C terminus on your final protein sequence.

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