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Global warming

Global warming
Although global warming poses a great threat to the environment, why does it continue escalating?
Global warming can be described as the rise in the average global temperatures. This increase in global temperatures is caused by greenhouse gases (Hughes, 2000). These gases trap the heat that is supposed to be emitted from the earth’s surface. Global warming is often referred to as one of the greenhouse effects. In essence, global warming is largely attributed to human activity (Jenkinson, Adams & Wild, 1991). For the last one hundred years, the world temperatures have been on the rise. This trend is expected to continue at accelerated speeds. The concept of global warming has enormous effects on the global economy. The effects of global warming cannot be restricted to national boundaries and lead to irreversible changes. Policymakers are faced with the dilemma on how to handle the global warming issue (Cline, 1992).
Industrial development has been identified as a major contributor to global warming (Lashof&Ahuja, 1990). Various countries have invested heavily in industries that emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere leading to global warming.

Global warming has continued to increase over the years. Countries continue to rely on industries that emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
The developed countries are often accused of lacking laws that can regulate the greenhouse gas emissions (Vitousek, 1994).
Some of the leading, industrialized countries have refused to sign environmental conservation protocols that are meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Global warming has adverse effects on human life and nature.


Global warming is closely related to industrialization. Therefore, efforts to reduce this aspect will lead to a reduction in the industrial activity that would lead to less development.
Historically, global temperatures have always been changing, and what is happening in the world today is not something new (Root, et al, 2003).

Reply to Objections
The argument in support of global warming cannot be tolerated. Nations have to put some measures in place to avoid worsening the current situation. The world should turn to green sources of energy during the industrialization process to limit the emission of greenhouse gases (Hoffert, et al, 2002).

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