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Guinness and Heineken

Guinness and Heineken
Guinness and Heineken are world most popular and successful beer brands. Both brands have their origin in Europe. Additionally, these brands are brewed in more than sixty countries in the world. It is generally acknowledged that these two brands are well established in that a clear distinction of which is the strong brand between the two is debatable. There are those who argue that Guinness is the strongest beer brand in world on grounds of its worldwide distribution and consumption. On the other hand, there are those who are of the idea that Heineken is the strongest brand due to its originality and previous awards the brand has received (Roy, et al. 2009; Guinness, 2012).
Strength and weaknesses
At this point it is important to identify strength and weakness of each brand in order to determine the strong brand between the two brands. Guinness is well established brand world wide therefore it has gained constructive acceptance as quality beer. Besides the outstanding quality of Guinness, the beer is affordable and is find in ever entertainment joint be it restaurant, pubs, hotels, recreational places, hyper markets. The roasted barley used in the manufacture of the beer gives it a distinctive feature of burnt flavor. The brand is also contains nitrogen and carbon dioxide with nitrogen being less soluble making the drink less soluble making the drink less fizzy even under high pressure. Apart from the refreshment part of Guinness, the beer contains important contents that are of great health importance (“Why Guinness Is the best beer”, 2012). However, there are fewer weaknesses of Guinness as compared to its strength. The brand has a strong taste that sometimes may be irritating to consumers. Its packaging is also not as attractive when compared to other beer brands like Heineken (Guardian, 2012).
The major strengths of Heineken brand are as follows. Heineken is a premium quality beer that is incomparable to ordinary brands of beer. The uniqueness of Heineken beer has been maintained for years thereby differentiating it from other brands. Heineken is crisply carbonated giving it a fresh and fruity aroma and mildly bitter taste. Its green bottle goes along way to in making Heineken brand more attractive to many. Additionally, Heineken is a global brand hence has customized features that fit local consumer in different locations in the world. The brand is of lighter and superior quality as compared to others beers and beer stout in the world. The cost of this brand is pocket friendly making it affordable to different classes of people. On the other hand, the brand’s major weakness is its unconcern for the health aspect of the consumer. Its high calories concerns by most consumers are negatively impacting on the image of the beer. The beer brand also suffers from differences in brand image globally (Roy, et al, 2009).
From the above discussion it can be concluded that Heineken has is the strongest beer brand between then two brands. A strong brand should be determined by focusing on various points. The most important feature of a strong brand is the quality that the product that is offered by company. Companies that emphasize quality of brands are able to build strong brand image. Another important aspect is to look at the availability of the brand in the market so as to determine how reliable the brand is.

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