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Health is a very critical aspect in human life

Health is a very critical aspect in human life. In this regard, health promotion is a very important element in the provision of health care. Health care promotion can be implemented in various ways. Nonetheless, the best way in which health promotion can be achieved is by ensuring that individuals are encouraged to get involved in health initiatives. This is critical as individuals can play a significant role in the prevention or deterioration of some health conditions. This can also be instrumental in the adoption of healthier lifestyles (Bellingham and Tager, 1986). This paper looks at the various aspects in the planning of a health promotion project. These aspects include plan writing, key messages, resourcing, and communication.
Plan Writing
This is a critical stage in planning a health promotion project. The main goal of this project is to create awareness among the local community about the risk factors associated with chronic diseases. The project will also aim at improving accessibility of the locals to healthcare services. This project will encourage individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles. In this case, there are various lifestyle choices including quitting smoking; taking healthy diets; engaging in physical exercises and visiting physicians for medical check ups on a regular basis (Breckon, 1997; Naidoo and Wills, 1994).
The objectives of this health promotion project will aim at ensuring that the goals of this project are met. One of the objectives is that, when this project will be completed, individuals will be engaging in physical exercises for at least 30 minutes each day. The other objective is that, one year after the project, there will be a significant rise in the number of people visiting physicians for heath check ups. In addition, it is expected that the number of individuals engaging in unhealthy behaviour such as smoking will decrease (Dignan and Carr, 1991; Timmreck, 1995).
The strategies that will be employed include the development of culturally sensitive health promotion programs. In addition, it will be important to ensure that individual skills and knowledge of those participating in the project. There are various activities that will assist in the accomplishment of the project’s goals. As for individuals who smoke,supports groups will be established to allow them assist one another to quit smoking. In promoting healthy diets, a healthy community cookbook will be distributed to the people to assist them in developing healthy recipes (Green and Kreuter, 1999). In an effort to boost participation in exercises, a sporting team will be formed with regular training sessions. In addition, the community elders will be engaged in the organization of educational walks within the community. In encouraging visits to the physicians, community media programs will be established to provide information on chronic diseases and the need to get medical check ups (Epp, 1986; Hawe, Degeling& Hall, 1990).
Key Messages
Key messages are critical in the promotion of positive behavioural change among the target individuals. In this health promotion project, some of the key messages will include “healthy diet enhances health among individual”; “physical exercises make you strong and healthy”; “quitting smoking is best for you and the people around you”; “admirable health behaviour strengthens the society”; “our health is our responsibility”. The key messages will be published in the local languages to ensure that the messages are comprehensively understood by the local people (Department of Human Services, 2003).
In most instances, support is needed in developing and running of a given project. The health promotion project will need some resources for effective implementation. In this respect, people will form a critical resource for the implementation of this project. Various individuals will be needed to assist in the implementation of the project. For this project, there will be a need to hire a project administrator who will be assisted by two individuals-male and female. In addition, the local people, especially the local leaders, will be encouraged to volunteer in the project. Experts will be incorporated to give critical information related to health. These experts will be drawn from the various relevant government departments (McKenzie and Smeltzer, 1997).
A venue will also be required where meetings and community education will take place. In this respect, the various social halls within the community shall be used for this purpose. Social halls were identified as the best venues for this project since the local people are already familiar with these places. This project will also require the use of some materials and equipment. Computers, printers, and stationery will be needed for typing and printing purposes. Sports equipment will also be required to facilitate the sporting activities initiated by the project. In addition, there are other aspects including t-shirts, notebooks, stickers and shopping bags among others. Leaflets, posters, and cookbooks will form part of the information materials for this project (Nutbeam, 2000). There is a budgetary allocation of $100,000 set aside for resourcing.
Communication is very critical in delivering the key messages that have been developed. The community at large is the audience for this project. The settings that will be used to deliver the messages will be varied. In this regard, community events, home visits, and medical centres will be used as the communication settings for this project. The individuals can best listen to the message during the morning hours before they get exhausted from their daily chores (Garrard, et al, 2004). Therefore, the communication aspect should be carried out during this time when individuals are still fresh. There are certain places where individuals can get the message and act on it immediately. For instance, the message on proper dieting can be delivered at the store where individuals buy their foodstuffs. In addition, at the medical centres, the message on doctor’s visit can be delivered and acted upon immediately by the individuals. There also places where individuals can find the message to be considerably believable. For instance, when the message is delivered within the community setting of the individuals, its credibility is enhanced (King, 1996).
The respected members of the community will be used in delivering the messages. This includes community elders and leaders, healthcare specialists, and teachers among others. The project will also make use of the local events and community gatherings to deliver the messages. The local media will also be used to deliver the messages. Apart from the mainstream media, posters and leaflets will be used to disseminate the messages. In addition, interactive media outlets will be used including the social media and the internet. These aspects will ensure that the messages are comprehensively and effectively delivered to the audience (Nutbeam, 1996). The costs for communication have been factored in the resourcing budgetary allocation.

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