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            Over the past decade, Canada has taken diverse steps in an effort to strengthen the country’s health care services and delivery. This has been done by revising the physician payments, incorporating other providers, and making the process of enrolling patients formal. These changes along other operationalization reforms have resulted in quality health care services (Strumpf, et al, 2012).
Operations and financing of health care in Canada
The healthcare initiatives that have been implemented are very innovative and range from services to the organizational infrastructure in use. The workforce has been increased, and the country is focusing more on quality and safety of the service providers and patients. Quality has been improved through integration of electronic medical record keeping. This ensures that the services offered are fast and efficient. Most of physicians in Canada are in private practice with payment done by a public insurer. This leaves out the possibility of cost sharing with the patients at the point of service. Introduction of patient rostering has seen a tremendous improvement in disease prevention and management of chronic diseases. This is because patients can now be identified from the affiliated populations, have a better understanding of their needs and be involved more in regards to their health (Strumpf, et al, 2012).
Strumpf et al. (2012) stated that infrastructure has been improved through the introduction of primary health care teams. There are the provider led innovations models, which have been used to ensure that patient needs are reached. The work force has been increased, and the payments have also been raised. This has attracted many people to join the medical field. This means there will be an increase in medical professionals in the future. These reforms have been achieved through the mechanisms provided by the government and the traditional governance. Medical associations have cooperated with the provincial governing bodies to facilitate reform in the health sector.
Quality health care services improve the quality of life through disease prevention and management. The provision of better infrastructure and payment through provincial governance and increased workforce has improved the quality of healthcare service provided. The financial support provided by the government has seen Canada improve its health care provision.

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