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Human Factors in Aviation

Assignment Requirements
Assignment        Guidelines (70%)
Human  Factors  in          Aviation– M02EDM
December 2014
1 Overview
The       assignment       is         an        important         part     of        this      module’s assessment     scheme.           It            counts  70%
towards the       overallmark.    You       are       required           to        read     carefully           the       brief     provided            and       address
the        best     as         you       can      a          certain number            of        key       areas.   In         order   to        prepareyour      arguments you
should   also      read     the       material            provided            in          class,    use a    couple   of         reference            books and         outside
sources,            and       performresearch            on         the        topic     in          order    to         supportyour      arguments.
Read     widely   as         much    as         you       can,      some    references         like:
• “Human          Factors  in          Aviation”, – Eduardo       Salas     and       Dan      Maurino.
• “Human          Performance      on         the        flight     deck”    – Don    Harris
• “The   Human  contribution”      – James            Reason
Assignments      are      individual work that       should  reflect  your opinions. You        should  therefore
restrain from    copying            and      pasting material           from    the       internet            or        other    sources            in         order   to
construct           your      arguments.        Assignments      are       checked            for       plagiarism         as         part      of            the       submission
2 Learning         Outcomes
The       Part      1          of         the        assignment        covers   the        module  learningoutcomes          1          and       3.
The       Part      2          covers   the        module  learningoutcomes          1,         2,         3          and       4.3 TheAssignment
For       both      parts     what     is          desired  is          that       you       give      your      opinion  about    both      parts     and            supportthe
assignment        with      your      own      new      ideas.
Part      1 – 25%
Part      2          – 45%
4 Marking          Criteria
The       marking            criterion            for        this       assignment        is:
• Analyse          and       answer  to         the        question            – 40%
• Evidence         of         topics    coveredin          the        module  – 30%
• New   ideas     – 10%
• Additional        reading– 5%
• Good  organization       of         ideas,    clarity   of         the        message           – 5%
• References      – 5%
• Presentation    Lay-out- 5%
5 Submission     and       Deadlines
Assignments      plus     cover   sheets  must     be        submitted         to        the       MBA      Registrar,         in            accordance        with
the        deadlines           and       rules     established for   this effect.
6 Length
In         terms   of         effort,   I           expect   a          3,000 word        written  report (6           to         8          page            report).The       3000     word
target    includes            headings,         main    text,     references,       annexes,          tables,  charts  and      any      other
additional          elements.
The       assignment       should  be        written in         a         business-style    report  format rather    than     following            a
typical   academic          essay   format. I          expect  to        find,     above  else,    good    coverage of the key      areas
based    on        sound/logical    business           arguments.       I          also     expect  to        find      evidence          on            the       use      of
references/ bibliography.            Because            this       module  is          part      of         an MBA Programme,      I            expect   students
to         use       tables,   charts   and       other     visual    elements           to         supporttheir      views    and       analyses,            since     these
are common      practicein          all         business            environments.
7 Writing           the        Assignment
The       assignment        should   follow    a          certain  structure,          containing,         at         least,    five       important            parts:1. Introduction
2. Objectives
3. Analyses
4. Addressing the           key       areas
5. Conclusions
References        and Bibliography
8 Assignment
Part      1
We       are       facing    a          new      generation         of         aviationprofessionals,    and we  need     to         be            focusedon         initial
assessment       and       recruitment,       to         achievethe        best      profiles  for        the        job.
Give      your      opinion  about    the        best      profile   criteria  for        aviation professionals and           based    on         what
we        have     focused            during   the       module; give     your      critical   evaluation         of         workload            methodologies
to         be         employed          in          the        aviationIndustry.
Part      2
For       the        AviationSecuritystudents
Regarding          the        new      challenges         in          AviationSecurity,            give      your own           ideas     about            these    questions:
“How    human  factors  can       be         used     to         addresspriority  aviationsecurityissues?”
“New    threats  like       cyber    terrorism           and       cyber    Hacking,            has       emerged           how      your            countryis          dealing
with      this,     and       how      do         you       see      the       human  factorsinteraction         regarding         this            issues,  give      your
own      ideas     and       also      suggestions       for        the        future    and       development      for        aviationsecurity:”
“           The       future    of         Explosive           Trace    detector?
“           How      do         you       see       the        Human  factors  interface            in          a          new      era       of            cyber    terrorism,          and       give your
contributions      for        the        next      years,   regarding          for        example            the        2020     World    Expo,    what            new      types
of         threat    you       will       face      and       how      to         deal      with      it.?SAFETY
Make    your      critical   evaluation         of         CRM      and       other     systematic         failures  based    on         the        final            report   on
the        accident            relatingto         the        statement          below:
“Colgan Air       Flight   3407,   marketed         as        Continental       Connection       under   a         codeshare
agreement         with     Continental       Airlines,            was     a         Bombardier      Dash-8 Q400,   registration
numberN200WQ,          on         a          scheduled          regionalairline   flight     from     Newark,            New      Jersey,  to
Buffalo,New      York.    On        February           12,        2009,    at         10:17    p.m.      EST,      the        plane    crashedinto            a
house    in          Clarence            Center,  New      York,    after     experiencing      an         aerodynamic      stall.[1]All
49         people   on         board    were     killed,    along    with      one       person  in          the        house.”
Final     Report   from     Accident            Investigation      Branch  available           on         Moodle  to         read.
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