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Human Recource Managment

            What Are The Most Critical Learning Points From This Material?
The six critical points that have been addressed in this chapter include: Organizational Information dissemination; Role of information technology in HR; Role of social media in enhancing HR performance; Leveraging information in decision-making; Connecting people through technology; and Use of technology in creating competitive advantage.
Organizational Information dissemination
Information dissemination is associated with broadcasting of business ideas to a wide audience, hence making the ideas more meaningful.  Information dissemination is critical because it has the greatest impact on business success. What’s more, exchange of information is critical in creating competitive advantage for organizations. Since numerous markets are somewhat flooded with many organizations making efforts towards similar core competencies, firms are forced to enhance their information dissemination in order to produce a sustainable competitive advantage.   The information age and its revolution has budged organizations away from being nearsightedly concerned with the utilization of tangible assets towards a holistic and unwavering interest in leveraging intangible assets, such as the management of  information dissemination as a way of ensuring that competitive advantage is developed.
Impact on business
Dissemination of business information is a source of competitive advantage.    Dissemination of information facilitates communication across all organizational boundaries, such that the entire business is able to seize the available opportunities and address its challenges by bringing all the stakeholders on board. In view of this, managers are able to use information dissemination as a tool of fostering productive and collaborative exchange between employees. With effective dissemination of knowledge, businesses are able to increase influential decisions significantly, since all the origination’s stakeholders are able to gain access to important strategic opinions, instead of holding such information on the hands of high-level management only. What’s more, by allowing employees to have access to each other, those who have the most current information are able to share it with those who derives benefit from it, rather than  going through upright channels of upper management. In view of this, the organization is able to make quick decisions and implement them successfully.
Integration of technology and HR
Since Human Resources are one of the most critical assets in an organization, it is important that its adoption of technology is at the same level with marketing, production or finance. This includes automation of performance appraisal systems, payroll, and employee benefits. Furthermore, deployment and management of technology in an effective way, means that any business organization would require knowledge workers, and it is the responsibility of HR function to manage the knowledge workers. This makes integration of technology and HR a must. Therefore, the point on adoption of technology in HR is very important because it is about efficiency of Human Resources, which is a very important tool for competitive advantage.
Impact on business
Integration of technology and HR facilitates harmonious, complementing and enhanced co-existing of business functions.  While technology plays an important role in enhancing effectiveness of HR, adoption and managing of change is enhanced by HR that is brought about by the technology. Integrating technology and HR functions leads to successful business strategy execution, employees’ contribution, administrative efficiency and capacity for change. All these are fulfilled through the contribution of workers, including development, staffing, benefits, compensation, highly performing teams, among others. Actually, technology is bringing about the highest number of changes in the HR market. Besides, implementing of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) has a strong impact on business excellence, since this reduces administrative workloads and addresses more serious issues that facilitate business excellence.
The ability of the HR leaders to anticipate technological change and accordingly evolve is instrumental on organizations’ survival and success; otherwise, HR will remain at dinosaur state – lagging way behind the change rhythm. The emerging global business landscape poses a number of challenges to HR as a function. There is now greater need for the HR leaders to ensure that the organizations have adequate talents and skills, set to exploit opportunities resulting from the ever changing technological landscape and cushion the organizations from possible threats resulting thereof.
Leveraging information in decision-making
This is s a critical point because the world is currently awash with information, hence making it very essential to interpret the information in a manner that adds value in decision-making.  Since different firms in any industry have access to similar data almost at the same time, then it becomes critical for individual firms to device ways of interpreting information in their own unique way with the aim of fostering competitive advantage.
Impact on business
Different organizations are following up with the information regarding the changes that are taking place due to social, economic and political changes, and then bundling such information in their own unique way that they are able to decide what products they should produce at a particular period. For example, this happens when a design firm foresees a significant change in dressing style a certain generation, hence adjusting the designs of its products to suit such changes. Such a firm positions itself to reap hefty profits in the event that its prediction was right. In order to effectively leverage information in decision-making, businesses are required to break from their erstwhile paradigms, for example by welcoming an open forum where every person’s voice is taken seriously and with the weight that it merits.  This has led to accepting and understanding of new and potentially threatening practices for the sake of salvaging the organization’s long-term existence……………………………..
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