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I absolutely believe that humans evolved from apes

Person 1
I absolutely believe that humans evolved from apes. Even though some people argue that Darwin’s evolution theory is not real, scientists have excavated fossils and used them to prove that evolution is true. For example, in May 19, 2009, a missing link was found in Germany. This fossil was called “Ida.” This discovery was a big bonus for the study of human origin. It was noted that the fossil, “bridges the evolutionary split between higher primates such as monkeys, apes, and humans and their more distant relatives such as lemurs” (Fernandez, para. 4). Scientists have also successfully run numerous laboratory tests that support Darwin’s theory. The human race’s closest living relatives are chimpanzees and gorillas from Africa, and the orangutans from Asia. Researchers around the world agree that humans are closely related to chimpanzees. This is based on the comparisons of anatomy and genetics. In deed, it has been indicated that humans have about 98% of DNA similarity with the chimpanzees. This means that 98% of chimpanzee and human DNA is identical. Therefore, I think that the human race truly evolved from great ape species.
This is a concept that I hold to be very true and undisputable. The scientific evidence that has been put forward in explaining human existence backs my confidence. Archaeological evidence provided has been supported by the considerable DNA similarities noted between the chimpanzees and human beings. The DNA technology is critical in tracing the ancestry of humans, as well as animals and plants. In this case, those who still cast a doubt on the credibility of the evolution theory have no basis to back their allegations. This comprises those who believe in the creation theory. The creation theory does not have scientific evidence to back the claim put forward. The assumptions of this theory are mainly anchored on faith and beliefs. In the modern world, any claim should be backed by credible evidence before it can appeal to the people. Therefore, for those who dispute the evolution of humans have to support their arguments with scientific evidence. Since there is no other theory that has credible scientific backing, the evolution theory is the most trusted theory. Archaeological findings and the DNA evidence support this theory. As time passes, the evolutionary theory continues to cement its place as more evidence is gathered to fill the gaps that exist in the evolutionary evidence available.
Person 2
There is a general claim that everything is good in moderation and bad in excess. This is what my parents instilled in me during my formative years. However, in as much as I used to agree to this notion without question, I have realized that it is not always true. For instance, in democratic elections, if one wins with a landslide victory, it is better off than winning with a moderate margin. A win with a moderate margin can lead to divisions and tension between the winning and the losing teams. However, beating an opponent with unassailable margin will foster unity among the people since the leader is elected almost unanimously. In addition, I dispute the notion of moderation when it comes to the issue of job performance. One should be able to put in his or her best at work, as opposed to observing moderation. Giving your best at work ensures success of the organization. Therefore, the notion of “everything in moderation” is not absolutely true.

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