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Integrated Curriculum and Universal Design for Learning

Integrated Curriculum and Universal Design for Learning
An integrated curriculum helps students to identify the intended concepts when knowledge is transferred from different curriculum areas.Theprocess of teaching the skills, values, and testing a student’s understanding are presented in meaningful contexts(Drake & Burns, 2004).
Forms of Curriculum
The official school curriculum consists of the content that has been chosen to be taught. In addition,the official school curriculum follows an official standard. It consists of a list of items that should be delivered to the students. This is appropriate because it guides teachers about the content that should be taught. Another form of the curriculum is, “the taught curriculum”. This is influenced by the content that the teachers choose to teach. This is determined by the knowledge that teachers have concerning the subjects, the teaching experience, and the interest in the given topics. The teachers’ attitude towards the learners also influencesthe content delivered to the students. This may lead to delivery of inadequate information to the learners when used as the sole form of curriculum (Wilson’s, 2005).
The hidden curriculum is influenced through the way a school is structured and the nature in which the daily activities are run. It is also influenced by the behavior and attitude of the instructors. This involves aspects such as the room arrangement or the posture of the teacher while in class. These aspects indirectly influence the way students learn the concepts. This may have a negative or positive impact to the learners, depending on the learners’ perspective. The null curriculum is mainly what the teachers do not teach. Therefore, the students regard the null curriculum as unimportant to the leaning experience and the society. Thus, it is necessary for teachers to integrate all forms of teaching to ensure that they meet the students’ learning experience adequately. Interacting with the students provides teachers the opportunity to understand the student, and establish relevant concepts for teaching (Wilson’s, 2005).
Universal design for learning
Modern technology has enhanced the learning process and has motivated students to learn through interaction. Web quest provides a link between the pre-digital world teachers and the modern students who have been introduced to technology even before they start school. It provides the chance to individuals to conduct research and learn from internet sources with universal designs that offer enquiry-based learning. This form of learning is good for the teachers because they no longer instruct, but guide the students. This is because all information required is available.Thus, the task is to direct students to the right sources and allow them explore. It is a convenient form of learning that accommodates students from diverse backgrounds, and with different abilities and preferences. This universal experience is an advantage to students and instructors. This is because these parties interact and share significantly during the learning experience. The instructor can predict the students’ capabilities. This helps in establishing the right approach that should be appliedto each of the students.
Through the universal design of learning, teachers can enhance their skills and learn how to apply what they expect from the students. When teachers are exposed to a technology-based learning experience, they are likely to engage technology in their instructions. Innovation makes the learning experience a thrilling affair, and motivates students to research and learn a lot through the guidance of the teachers. It gives the students an opportunity to research further rather than depending on the information provided in the classroom. Therefore, web quest is a continuous form of learning in which the instructors learn while the students learn. It is interactive and makes the learning experience fast and interactive.
An integrated curriculum exposes students to learn from real life experiences. Additionally, it allows the students to reflect between the learnt concepts and the real world. It also gives the teachers the opportunity to interact with students and enhance the learning experience.

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