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Question 1
Brand personalty
Brand personality is the manner that a brand behaves to meet its market desires. It is a marketing strategy intended to pass a powerful message targeting a group in a specific area to influence people to associate with the product. A brand personality should integrate the needs of the target group and the the product image by understanding the lifestyle, age and gender of the target group. A brand personality is developed in the characteristic of human traits to increase popularity and awareness of the brand. It is divided into five dimensions that is excitement, competence,sincerity,sophistication, sincerity and ruggedness (Jennifer,A. A 1997).
Kellogg`s brand and product personalty
Breakfast is an important meal that provides teens and children with the energy required for concentration, memory, attention, creativity and positive moods among other benefits. Most people in the USA skip breakfast due to lack of time or weight loss, for these reasons the company introduced breakfast clubs enable kids take breakfast.
Marketing Kellogg products were challenging in the beginning due to the difficulty convincing the public to buy a totally different product. The company invested heavily in sales of corn flakes as a way of advertisement . Over the years the company has successfully introduced new products in the market without change on its image. Kellogg has an original unchanged personality as a great- tasting, nutritious, quality and healthy products. Example: special k product that targets groups intending to look beautiful and loose wait especially women, all bran targeting groups intending to be healthy and krispies for children. The company products are crunchy nuts, Eggo, Krave, and many other new products. The company believes that a day starts with a good breakfast therefore has been working to create positive impact on family lives especially children. These products are nutritionally enriched with vitamins and cereals rich in iron, folic acid, thiamin that is recommended for a complete diet requirement. It provides consumers with full nutrition from the diverse great tasting cereals that are vitamin fortified.
Question 2
The communication concept
This campaign communication concept is described as all inclusive and aggressive. The use of both formal and informal communication increased the brand and product awareness to ensure that all age groups and different personalities are involved. The use of letters to reach schools and government representative was effective to reach the masses represented by institutions. Social media is widely used by most adults in the UK especially the youth where feedback is easily retrieved. The use of both the informal and formal communication presented opportunities to provide more information about the brand and its products thus popularized the brand.
Kellogg`s campaign discussed
The campaign targeted mainly moms since they have a major influence in what their kids eat and the idea behind was to make brand sensible. Many women are busy and overwhelmed with so much work therefore do not find enough time. The company invested in mothers` natural instincts to keep children out of hunger through the program. The strategy to collaborate with the motherhood.com was a brilliant idea since the web definitely increase the brand awareness through advertisement. The motherhood.com founder promoted the brand quoting how simple and powerful the company made a difference in peoples lives. Getting kids involved in the campaign was an opportunity to interact with them as well as a way of initiating conversations between kids and moms and the other people. Social media is a powerful influence on women thus getting women to positions of social network promoted the success of the campaign. The powerful force of the Social media played a great role in the success of this campaign considering the overwhelming response experienced during the launch (Minglin 2011).
Question 3
American children are exposed to media marketing and has influenced them in many ways when they remember and understand the intentions of the advert ., The Kellogg “fun-k-town” website is one of the advertisement intended to advertise the company’s breakfast brands. The Childrens` influence on family consumption choices is a bottom up approach whereby it is the kids who directs parents on what they would consume and not the other round. Children do not comprehend the persuasive adverts that is why the use of video games was developed to influence them since they focus on the attractive products.The use of video games acts as a conversation and through this interaction the message is conveyed. Studies have shown that children are likely to be influenced more by other kids than parents’ choices, popularizing the brand through children was projected to increase consumption as
Involving moms in the company`s campaigns definitely influenced the family consumption lifestyle because mothers in several occasions are the decision makers when it comes to family consumption since they shop and make meals. The social network created awareness on the company’s products while relatives with children influenced one another in supporting the breakfast fund initiative. This campaign involved every party of interest: parents, members of parliament, the public, the media and school therefore just like the previous campaigns, “help give a child breakfast” is expected to influence consumption in children. Sandra( L. Calvert(2008)
Question 4
Music appeal, Sex appeal, romance appeal, youth appeal and emotions appeal.
Music appeal
Use of music in advertisements is effective in marketing consumer goods. The music industry generates a lot of money suggesting use of music in adverts can be effective as well. Music adverts are applicable on both radio and television adverts. I would advertise the American commercial airline using music on television by incorporating soothing music to show the different satisfying emotions desired by airline travelers. His advert starts as an exhausted traveler struggles to pack the luggage and change the music from one scene or setting to another. The intensity of the music would start from irritating and uncoordinated tune to soothing and smooth music to associate the airline with comfort and prestige. The use of music and the advertisement requires the understanding of the music affects the communication relay. Music usage enhances recall of the brand especially if the music fits (MacInnis & Park, 1991; North et al., 2004). An advantage of music is that the consumer does not have to be in visual contact with the advert thus the consumer can be reached from a non visual range with the advertising channel.
The use of popular music is effective as more attention is paid to the commercial advert. It is important to investigate and understand the music used so that possible changes are made for the music to fit the advert so that the lyrics in the song fits the advertising message. Additional comparisons should be made considering the instrument or vocals used (Alpert & Alpert, 1990, p. 130). Music has driven the corporate advertisement lately with assistance from the apple products and the products of many brands and so is one of the most effective advertisement appeals.

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